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Jun 182012
after orgasm

Regular readers already know about the “orgasm project“–my bitching and whining about not being able to come to orgasm with my sex partner. But it finally happened. :) I had an orgasm! Alert the internets! Of course regular readers also know I’m prone to over-thinking, and this is where I do it. So, let’s get to that, shall we? I’ve been thinking about what was different about O night that might have contributed to the happy outcome. Of course, I understand that even if we replicate the conditions, it might not happen again… but it might! In terms of the, … [read more]

May 022012
stages of (inorgasmic) grief

Another installment in “the orgasm project.” I’ve been thinking a lot about orgasm and about sex in general. (Did you expect anything different? I mean, seriously… “fuck” and “fail” are in the blog subtitle…) But lately, I’m damn near obsessed. (Like you aren’t?) I find it interesting that I’m inconsistent in my position. Depending on my head space, the time of day, and my level of self-centeredness (all in direct relation to my degree of self-pity) my attitude toward the orgasm-problem can be wildly different. Sometimes I approach it “scientifically,” thinking that if I just read a little more about … [read more]

Apr 292012

Another installment in “the orgasm project.” In comments to a post about sex techniques over on N. Likes’s blog, My Dissolute Life, I briefly lamented my inability to come to orgasm with a partner: “Even with pressure, fingers, face, a man with three hands and never-ending patience, it’s still difficult for me to get off. I’ve only ever come to orgasm with a partner a couple of times in my life.” In the conversation that followed, I mentioned that I can get off on my own using a vibrator, but unfortunately, I’ve not been able to come to orgasm with … [read more]

Mar 282012
fapping monkey masturbation

My masturbation isn’t pretty. It’s not attractive, definitely not sexy, and I doubt it’s even interesting to watch. Ok, maybe watching me masturbate to orgasm would be interesting in the same way that watching an maladroit monkey use rudimentary tools to crack open a coconut would be interesting.… [read more]