May 112015
KinkBNB: Airbnb for kinky fuckers

With companies debuting kinky dating apps, it was only a matter of time before someone launched a kinky version of Airbnb. KinkBNB is a pretty good business idea (damn good, actually), and while there’s the potential for similar problems as bookings on Airbnb, at least orgies won’t be unexpected (actually, KinkBNB hosts can indicate whether their listings are “orgy friendly”). The prices are surprisingly reasonable, ranging from $150 a night (Violet Room* in San Francisco, CA, which appears to be a private home) to $650 a night (Le Fleur De Lis Club in Redlands, CA, a well appointed commercial “dungeon”). … [read more]

Dec 242014
be <strike>blue</strike> merry!

Don’t have a blue Christmas… be merry! Or be drunk… or whatever…  :) be blue merry! was last modified: December 24th, 2014 by Dumb Domme

Aug 012014
he doesn't swallow

He’s indiscreet when he’s finished with his chewing gum, using his fingers to remove it from his mouth in the middle of conversation, prior to a meal, or before a kiss. I’m no stickler for etiquette, but the rare indelicacy stands out against otherwise good manners. I’ve never said anything because I don’t really care, but I’ve always noticed. Indecorum with used chewing gum happens frequently enough that I recognize the way he lifts his hand before he takes it from his mouth. “Swallow it.” My tone was playful, but my demand was serious. He nodded, said “Yes, Ma’am,” and … [read more]

Jul 072014
angry emo butt sex

I’ve been feeling insecure and anxious. My relationship is strong, but not secure, and changes are coming soon. The disquiet comes courtesy of a goodbye that’s lasted months, and persistent uncertainty about exactly when he’ll leave (we still don’t know). We try to keep it light, but the consequence of falling sand is that it grows heavier as it piles up — the weight is becoming difficult to handle. Even under normal circumstances, my default is high strung, wound tight, with a tangle of thoughts in my head. But despite all of that — the anxiety, uncertainty, and sadness — … [read more]

Jan 132014
Qs and As: stress, skywriting, symbolism, strapons, and submissive solicitation

On this thirteeth day of January in the year two-thousand fourteen, Dumb Domme declared “Let there be an A for every Q!” Do you feel d/s is stress relieving and makes you and J less neurotic? Neurotic? Who ever said I was neurotic? I’m not at all neurotic. Why? Are people saying I’m neurotic? Do you think I’m neurotic? Honestly, the idea that I’m neurotic is ridiculous… I’m not neurotic… I am soooo not neurotic… *twitch* No, I don’t feel a D/s relationship dynamic is stress relieving. In some ways, D/s is more stressful than a traditional, vanilla dynamic, and … [read more]