Jul 132013

There was want and frustration… …and then they were gone, replaced by the feeling my brain waves had been set to white noise. What happened in between those points is blurry now. It was blurry then, even as it happened. I remember bits and pieces of commands (or was I pleading?), repositioning him (or did he move me?), growling (or was it whimpers?), and a half-hearted ‘stop’ (or was ‘don’t stop’?). I remember the first waves of an orgasm. I remember warmth and wetness (was it his mouth? his hands? his cock?), friction (was I moving or was he?), and … [read more]

Apr 092013
breaking: a beautiful abstraction

I want to take it all — everything you have to give. I want to suck the breath from your lungs and leave you empty and wasted. I want to pry you open, shove myself inside you and get off on the resistance you provide. I want to break you, to fuck you into pieces and put you back together just so I can break you again. He was bound flat on his back with his feet in the air. Thighs cuffed, ankles tied, he was spread wide, splayed open, stripped and exposed. I hurt him a little, then sat … [read more]

Sep 272012
the burn

There’s no ember and no kindling. When my lips touch his, there’s no slow and steady smolder. The taste of him is spark to fuel, and I am quick to light. There’s no warning and no warm up. When my skin touches his, there’s no soft and gentle tingle.

The feel of him under my hands is electric. His skin carries current and my every nerve goes live. The want for him burns so fucking hot it pulls the oxygen from the room and makes me gasp for breath… [read more]

Jul 062012

He is not still or passive or easily contained.

But when his pale skin is crossed with plaited cord, he becomes another thing entirely.

The bindings pull tighter. His arms and chest become less and less useful until they’re nothing more than chiseled flesh for me to admire–useless to him, beautiful for me. His body calms and breathing slows… [read more]

May 172012

I want to shove myself inside you, to get off on the resistance you provide, to open you up and expose your insides to the air. I want to see how easy it would be to disassemble you into little manageable pieces and put you back together in some other arrangement that’s more suitable for me.