May 142015
Q/A: vampire gloves, dumb ideas, and sub tests

Reader questions on vampire gloves, dumb ideas, and foolproof indicators of submissiveness. I’m looking for spikes as used on the gloves you mentioned. Would you help me to find out, where I can buy such spikes and how they are named? Kindest regards from Austria. Hello Austria. What an interesting name! (heh) If you’re looking for the gloves with spikes, they’re called ‘vampire gloves,’ ‘vampire mitts,’ or ‘spanking gloves.’ If you’re just looking for the spikes, my hunch is that they come already attached to some sort of fabric. I’d recommend contacting Mistress Serene over at Love Bite Gloves. She … [read more]

May 082015
sub before domme? vanilla before kink?

Today’s question is from Novice Noemi (of Tyro Town, TN) Hi D!, I was so happy to find a blog that was about the joy of Domination and occasional slip ups, instead of just the craving of another person’s pain. But I’m still a little stuck and terrified of what I want. I am 21 years old and I have never been in a relationship, but the idea of a normal relationship just never seemed like… enough to me. Recently, trolling the internet, I stumbled onto BDSM. I keep searching but most (if not almost all) of the information on … [read more]

Apr 042015
sacrifice and indulgence

reader questions about sacrifice & indulgence Ever give anything up for lent? Sure. What better way to practice my faith in the Blessed Undead Bunny who sacrificed himself, rose from the grave, and shat jelly beans to save us from our sins? Giving up something is the least I can do. I keep fairly accurate records in case I am called to the Bedazzled Gates of Heaven and made to account for my sacrifices in this yearly time of reflection and renewal. Below is what I’ve given up for Lent the past few years. 2009 straws 2010 fabric softener 2011 … [read more]

Jan 242015
beginning to wonder (so much left unsaid)

A long (long) time reader wrote me a kind note about a month ago. Hi D, I was beginning to wonder how your life was going following J’s departure. With the extended time between your post about Jian Gomeshi and your most recent posts, I was beginning to think you were either completing a very big project at work or holed up in a seedy motel room with several empty bottles of vodka to your credit. But with today’s post [contemplating the divine] my answer came – introspection. Big work project? Yes (always). Seedy motel room? No (never). If I’m … [read more]

Jan 102015
questions, requests, and suggestions

 Invasive questions, forward requests, and ‘helpful’ website suggestions from readers. Have you ever posted a picture of yourself on here for your readers to see? Yes, I have posted a photo or two! You can find them in one or more of the 581 posts I’ve written here. Go fish. :) I’m feeling some entitlement in your question and it rubs me the wrong way. You do realize I don’t owe you anything, right? Go find someone elses photo to jerk off to / throw darts at / draw a mustache on. I’ve been reading your blog first entry to … [read more]