Dec 142013
just below the surface

The other day, I tweeted out a link to an older post, “not what I expected.” In response, a lovely submissive reader (and all-around sweet boy) sent me this photo, inspired by what I wrote. To me, this is far sexier and more suggestive than any sexually explicit photo. In part, it’s because I’m a reaction junkie — I adore inspiring reactions, especially ones that result in beautiful words or hopelessly sexy photos. He paused for a moment and lifted his eyes to meet mine. Without breaking eye contact, he raised his muscular forearms to my waist level, elbows bent, … [read more]

Oct 102013
a) monogamy b) polyamory c) neither

Once upon a time there was a Q without an A. With the help of a beautiful and talented domme, a suitable A was found for Q… and they lived happily ever after. ~The End. Okay I saw your tweet about not being into monogamy. However, I never saw you identify anywhere as poly either. Did I see you correctly that you don’t agree with monogamy? Also why do you think you are not into monogamy? Do you think that is just because of your current life being hectic and it will change one day or no? …not being into … [read more]

Jun 092013

I’ve had two ‘suitors’ during my life on the web — boys who read the blog and were smitten with me (or my writing) enough to want to know more. They charmed me with their compliments, wit, and humor, and they’re both smart, interesting, and persistent enough to have sustained my interest. Both boys were forthcoming about wanting to meet me to see if something developed — they were (are) interested in the possibility of a romantic or sexual relationship. At the same time, they acknowledge I’m in a relationship and they’ve been respectful of that. Both boys wanted to … [read more]

Jun 212012

When the house lights went down and the front lights went up, I wrapped my hand around her neck and twisted her face into mine. I tasted her, gently at first, sliding my tongue between her parted lips, giving her a moment to open up to me. The second she relaxed and gave in, I gripped the back of her neck and mauled her, shoving my tongue deep inside her mouth, prying her open. I wanted to suck the breath from her lungs and I knew she would have let me. She was soft and sweet and yielding.… [read more]

Sep 152011

He never sits unless I invite him, and that night, like many recent nights, I didn’t invite him. I enjoy sitting and feeling small and feminine in his unnaturally large shadow. I like watching him shift his weight as he grows restless on his feet, seeing the muscles in his arms tense and release under the skin as he moves absent-mindedly. I prefer him standing and a little uncomfortable, not knowing what to do with his big puppy hands without the comfort of his lap to rest them in. I certainly enjoy his company and his friendship, but I’ve also … [read more]