Sep 272014
mansplaining taxonomy: a working theory

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know the model is flawed. It’s a working theory. I suppose I’ll present it at the next meeting of Feminists Eradicating Mansplaining Conference for Understanding Nonsensical Taxonomies (FEM-CUNT) and see what the sisterhood has to say. mansplaining taxonomy: a working theory was last modified: November 6th, 2014 by Dumb Domme

Jul 152014
all the sex things

Dammit. I feel like we’re just hitting our stride in the bedroom. We’ve been fucking for over three years, but because we’re in a driving distance relationship, we haven’t had the opportunity to fuck as often as other couples. While some relationships hit the ‘boring sex rut’ around this time, we’re just now getting good at fucking. It was always good (we always had the chemistry), but now it’s mind-blowingly good… all the time. pinball brain on hiatus In part, it’s because I’m way less in my head than I’ve ever been. J’s leaving, so I don’t have the time … [read more]

Jul 072014
angry emo butt sex

I’ve been feeling insecure and anxious. My relationship is strong, but not secure, and changes are coming soon. The disquiet comes courtesy of a goodbye that’s lasted months, and persistent uncertainty about exactly when he’ll leave (we still don’t know). We try to keep it light, but the consequence of falling sand is that it grows heavier as it piles up — the weight is becoming difficult to handle. Even under normal circumstances, my default is high strung, wound tight, with a tangle of thoughts in my head. But despite all of that — the anxiety, uncertainty, and sadness — … [read more]

Jul 132013

There was want and frustration… …and then they were gone, replaced by the feeling my brain waves had been set to white noise. What happened in between those points is blurry now. It was blurry then, even as it happened. I remember bits and pieces of commands (or was I pleading?), repositioning him (or did he move me?), growling (or was it whimpers?), and a half-hearted ‘stop’ (or was ‘don’t stop’?). I remember the first waves of an orgasm. I remember warmth and wetness (was it his mouth? his hands? his cock?), friction (was I moving or was he?), and … [read more]

Jun 162013
ass worship: errant oral, rogue tongues, and one brave submissive

A long, long time ago, when J and I were still getting to know each other, we danced around the details of our sexual preferences. When we got to the topic of anal play, J asked if I had even been the recipient of “rimming.” I had not, nor did I understand the appeal. What could a tongue on my asshole possibly do for me? J responded with a sigh: “It’s a shame that so many women have never enjoyed a proper rimming.” And that sentence? It was fucking hilarious. He said it so matter-of-factly, as if he were speaking … [read more]