Aug 062015
catching up, chipping wood, crunching kale

Dumb Domme TMI: The Sort of Information You Don’t Want from Anyone Else I’ve had a ton of work to catch up on, and believe it or not, that’s good for my overthinky brain (until it isn’t — the tipping point always sneaks up on me). Lots of work also means I’ve been less out-and-about than usual, and that’s been good for my not-yet-healed metatarsals (and, I suppose, physical rest is good for that new clicky sound in my knee — it’s different than the usual soft crunching sounds). In addition to working, I’ve been catching up on sleep, reading, … [read more]

Nov 032013

I haven’t lived a hard life, but I have endured my fair share of pain — physical, mental, emotional, and maybe even spiritual (if I were sure such a thing existed). Much of the physical pain I’ve experienced was the consequence of injuries suffered in my very active teens and twenties. I’ve dislocated knees and shoulders, broken bones, and at some point I stopped keeping count of stitches. Over the years, I’ve been relocated, reset, fused, stapled, sewn, and screwed (six titanium screws hold parts of me together). The emotional injury (the most egregious) came courtesy of one of the … [read more]

Aug 042013
titty fucking

Titty fucking hurts because you have to smash your tits together.

Do you know why you have to smash your tits together? Because tits don’t have a hole to fuck… because YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO FUCK TITS… [read more]

Jun 192013
analingus to cunnilingus: health issues and TMI

Once again, my ass is popular… or at least, discussions of my ass… or asses in general. So now you know why shaving my asshole was an issue, right? In some very thoughtful responses to my post on how I came to love ‘ass worship‘, quite a few commenters suggested they understood what I meant by ‘mind games.’ That idea has always been interesting to me (the navel-gazer that I am), and I was surprised at the showing of understanding, agreement, and support. I’m flipping the idea over in my brain and plan to write on it soon. But for … [read more]

Jun 162013
ass worship: errant oral, rogue tongues, and one brave submissive

A long, long time ago, when J and I were still getting to know each other, we danced around the details of our sexual preferences. When we got to the topic of anal play, J asked if I had even been the recipient of “rimming.” I had not, nor did I understand the appeal. What could a tongue on my asshole possibly do for me? J responded with a sigh: “It’s a shame that so many women have never enjoyed a proper rimming.” And that sentence? It was fucking hilarious. He said it so matter-of-factly, as if he were speaking … [read more]