Oct 252011
BDSM Lexicon Entry #4: "Safeword"

safeword, n.: A safeword is a code word or phrase used during BDSM “play” by a submissive or bottom to indicate that she/he/eir wants or needs to stop the activity.

“”He was saying all kinds of crazy stuff when I smacked his ass with the wooden spoons, but when I pulled out the frying pan, he called ‘Gwyneth Paltrow.’ That’s our safeword, so I quit. ”

“Fuck… oh fuck. [what the fuck is the safeword…?!?!?] Tangelo! Shit. Persimmon! Umm… pluot! Gogi berry? Kiwi? Kumquat! KUMQUAT! KUMQUAT!”.” … [read more]

Oct 222011

I know you people are reading, but you aren’t saying much. I get that… it’s cool… *sniffle*  But I actually need some help here! I’d like some suggestions for what to include in the Dumb Domme’s BDSM Lexicon. So far, I’ve “defined” squicked, pansexual, and figging. While anything BDSM, femdom, kink, sex, sexuality, or gender related is fine, I’d like to find terms that give me some opportunity to apply my own special blend of sarcasm, irreverence, mockery, and perhaps, some actual information.  What terms would you like to see defined, made fun of, purposefully misused, and/or included in generally … [read more]

Oct 172011
BDSM Lexicon Entry #3: "Figging"

figging, n.: The practice of inserting a piece (a “finger”) of ginger into the anus, vagina, or urethra. The finger of ginger is cut from a larger piece of ginger root, skinned, and shaped into something resembling a butt plug, with a tapered end for insertion and a wide base to ensure easy retrieval.

“It was only a few moments after I yelled ‘Surprise! Figging!’ that I realized I probably should have discussed it with him first.” … [read more]

Oct 102011
BDSM Lexicon Entry #2: "Pansexual"

Oct 22, 2011 – While anything sex related is fine, I’d like to find terms that give me an opportunity to apply my own blend of sarcasm, irreverence, and mockery…

Oct 032011

squick, v.: To cause someone to feel a visceral revulsion or extreme personal distaste.

“Ironically, he’s comfortable wearing stockings and stilettos, but asking him to put on a pair of pink panties squicks him.”

“I’m a little squicked that you have ‘ranch dressing’ on your list of fetishes.” … [read more]