Dec 052011
BDSM Lexicon Entry #9: Polyamorous

polyamorous, adj.: participating in multiple, simultaneous intimate, and/or sexual relationships with the knowledge and consent of all partners involved.

“I caught my boyfriend in bed with a another woman. I was pissed off at first, but then he explained that he forgot to tell me he was polyamorous. He forgot… riiight.”

“My wife and I used to be a couple, but then we married Alex, and now we’re a thruple.” … [read more]

Nov 282011

homage, n.: Respect, honor, or reverence shown to a person or a thing. In BDSM, submissives may pay “homage” to their dominant as an acknowledgement of respect. Additionally, a sub may pay “homage” to a dominant’s particular body parts–feet, hands, breasts, cock, pussy, ass, etc–by praising, touching, kissing, and/or generally worshipping.

“A monetary homage of $20 will be adequate to show your respect, and coincidentally, it’s enough to buy me a pizza.”

“I was fucking around with J and told him that having my elbows stroked got me hot. He seemed to believe me, so I asked him to pay homage. He sucked on my elbow in earnest for about thirty seconds before I fell over laughing. He wasn’t amused.” … [read more]

Nov 152011
BDSM Lexicon Entry #7: "Pegging"

pegging, n.: A sexual act where a man’s ass is penetrated by a woman’s strap-on dildo.

Q: How can I peg my boyfriend?
A: Bend him over, silly.

Q: What should I use to peg my partner?
A: Vegetables, hair-brushes, rolls of wrapping paper, novelty microphones, soup cans, replica light sabres, flashlights, snow globes, and vuvuzelas are all inappropriate for pegging. I recommend a good dildo and a harness. I highly recommend this one. … [read more]

Nov 072011
BDSM Lexicon Entry #6: "Pervertibles"

pervertibles, n.: common household objects and office supplies that can be used in sexual or BDSM play, including kitchen utensils, office supplies, and home improvement tools and materials.

“I am the Lady MacGyver of pervertibles. Give me a ream of paper, six rubber bands, four binder clips and a hot glue gun and I’ll make you a spanking bench that I guarantee will last through the evening.” … [read more]

Nov 012011
BDSM Lexicon Entry #5: "Rimming"

rimming, n.: anilingus. The act of orally stimulating a partner’s anus by licking, tonguing, kissing, etc.

“Rimming Salt” is for margaritas. Some adult companies sell novelty “Rimming Sugar” for application to the butt. It’s not a good idea to put novelty sugar on your butt. It’s a terrible idea to put salt on your butt. It’s really best to avoid both. And margaritas… avoid them too.… [read more]