Mar 012012
BDSM Lexicon Entry #14: Cuckold

cuckold, n.: The husband of an unfaithful wife, or the boyfriend/partner of an unfaithful girlfriend/partner.

“My boyfriend caught me fucking his best friend. I told my him that I thought he was interested in cuckolding, and so I took the initiative and found myself a bull. He didn’t buy it. I didn’t think he believe me, but it was worth a shot.”… [read more]

Feb 162012
BDSM Lexicon Entry #13: Animal Role-play

animal role-play, n.: Role-play that may be sexual or non-sexual where one or more participant plays the role of an animal, most commonly of a pony, puppy, or kitten.

“While I question the sanitary nature of a real horse tail butt plug, it’s his ass, and besides, he’s the one who wanted to try pony play.”… [read more]

Jan 292012
BDSM Lexicon Entry #12: Ball-busting

ball-busting, n.: A form of CBT (cock and ball torture) where a man’s testicles are forcefully kicked, kneed, or otherwise struck.

When he saw that she brought a meat tenderizer, a croquet mallet, and steel-toed boots, he realized two ibuprofen might not be enough to help him recover from the ball-busting.” … [read more]

Dec 302011
BDSM Lexicon Entry #11: Genderqueer

genderqueer, n.: A person who rejects the notion of a gender binary. A person who identifies as genderqueer may consider themselves as being both male and female or as being neither male nor female.

“Sure, this is my wife’s purse, but since I’m carrying it, I prefer to call it a ‘man pouch.’ I guess maybe it’s a genderqueer satchel? Or maybe it’s just a fucking bag.” … [read more]

Dec 122011
BDSM Lexicon Entry #10: Brat

brat, n.: A brat is a submissive who may engage in behavior purposefully designed to provoke or encourage a dominant’s response.

Q: How do you handle a bratty sub?

A: First, I determine whether he’s being playful or actually being bratty. If he’s being playful and I’m not annoyed by his behavior, I whack his ass with a bamboo cane. If he’s being bratty and I’m annoyed, we talk about it, and then I whack his ass with a bamboo cane.… [read more]