Mar 232014
stupid search strings: testicle edition

I’m enjoying a lovely weekend with a lovely boy. :) In my absence, I leave you with another installment of… Stupid Search Terms: Testicle Edition. These are actual search terms people that have brought people to my website. I have no fucking idea how people found me with these terms, but it amuses me endlessly. Maybe it was the BDSM lexicon entry I did on “ball-busting”? Anyway, hope you’re all having a great weekend. I’m having a ball! ;) I remember playing duck-duck-goose as a kid! Good times. Wait, how the fuck does that translate to CBT? You slap some … [read more]

Feb 092014
the morning after: sunny side up

As I’ve said before, whatever I prepare for breakfast the morning after is often strangely (and amusingly) symbolic of the night that came before it. While last night might be considered “erotic and eggciting,” I’m more inclined to call it over-easy, or perhaps, sunny-side-up. :) I don’t have this egg mold (I support Alton Brown’s thoughts on kitchen unitaskers) but it seems appropriate.   image: OMG International Egg Fryer, courtesy of Amazon.   the morning after: sunny side up was last modified: February 9th, 2014 by Dumb Domme

Jan 022014
pop culture malapropisms and mix-ups (part 2)

Year in Review Pop Culture Malapropisms & Mix-ups: Part 2 (Part 1 – #6, #5, and #4 – is here) #3: Mario Batali | Marion Bartoli In July, the interwebz was all a-Twitter with variations on “you’re fat… fat fat fat fat fat” and suggestions: “there’s your plate, now get back in the kitchen and make everyone a sandwich.” But why Bartoli? Of all people in all professions, why the fuck would anyone fat-shame a celebrity chef? People tweeted their support and wrote articles about how we should judge people on their professional achievements rather than their weight, and why … [read more]

Dec 312013
year in review: malapropisms and mix-ups

Year in Review: Pop Culture Malapropisms & Mix-ups Instead of the typical “year in review” stuff, I figured I’d do something a little different. Besides, I self-reflect, introspect, and navel-gaze all year round. :) For your end-of-year reading pleasure, I give you my top six pop culture malapropisms, mix-ups, and confusions of 2013 — things I fucked up, mixed up, and flip-flopped in my ADHD brain. Granted, the mix-ups may have been only momentary (fleeting and quickly corrected), but they took up space in my brain for a little while. They’re the mistaken notions that made me say “whoops,” “ha!” … [read more]