May 052013
it's not about submission... (why submission isn't weak)

What I feel has nothing to do with being submissive. It has everything to do with you. I want you to feel just how raw and hungry I am. I want you to feel the strength in my arms when I push my mouth against your flesh and run my tongue along the inside of your most tender places. I want you to feel the power I am holding in check, just at the edge of your control until you finally snap and release all the pent up energy that is coursing through you, waiting to be unleashed.

Feb 232013
everyday D/s

The weather here is lovely in February — it’s in the mid 70’s during the day and it’s nearly always sunny. It’s perfect weather for one of my favorite weekend rituals — a lazy morning in bed, followed by a late breakfast on the water and a trip to the farmers’ market to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables for the rest of our weekend meals. The farmers’ market is about a mile from the beach where the breeze is stronger and the sun shines brighter. Tables are piled high with brightly colored fruits and vegetables and people sell fresh … [read more]

Jan 032013

When I released him from the restraints, he was framed in the center of the bed by tangles of silky black rope, beautiful against the white linens. He stretched and flexed his wrists for a moment, arranged some pillows behind him, and leaned back with his head on his hands. He smiled slightly, looking relaxed and dreamy. I was wound to the point of breaking and still smouldering in my skin. A rivulet of sweat trickled down the back of my neck as I steadied myself to breathe. “I’ll need a few minutes,” I said, flicking my fingers toward a … [read more]

Oct 302012

With parted lips and a hungry mouth, he tasted my wetness and my wanting. I gave only momentary protest before I let him drown between my thighs. He lapped and lavished first, then found his rhythm and his pace. The rhythm wasn’t mine, but in that state, I’m too easily convinced his cadence is my own.… [read more]

Oct 162012
plaid pajama bottoms

He turned obediently, lifted his arms, and flexed at his reflection in the mirror. With his back to me, I admired his beautiful broad shoulders and the smooth muscles of his back as they tapered gently to his waist. As he tensed his arms, the rest of his body tensed too. The plaid fabric pulled taut across the muscles in his perfectly shaped butt. Sometimes I enjoy admiring him from behind almost as much as I enjoy admiring him from the front.… [read more]