Mar 132014
sex at work 3: office desk, oral sex, and orgasm

(continued from part 1: an office fantasy and part 2: opportunity and exposure) I spread my legs and lifted my skirt. It’s rare for him to get such an unencumbered view of my bare skin. But sitting on top of the desk — with him seated nervously below me —  exposing myself felt wicked and lewd. In return for my teasing exhibitionism, J treated me to a beautifully conflicted expression comprised of longing, restraint, and unease. He pleaded without words — not for permission or for pussy — but for an explanation about the situation and my intent. He was more … [read more]

Mar 062014
sex at work 2: opportunity and exposure

(continued from ‘sex at work 1: an office fantasy?’) I left J in my office and went to the ladies room. My reflection in the mirror was what I expected — a bit rosy-cheeked, but otherwise okay. Okay… now what? I thought. It’s late, the building is nearly empty, and J is in my office… Truth #1: I was anxious about the idea of screwing around in my office, but not because of the risk of being ‘caught.’ We’re both grown adults in a long term relationship, he’s not my coworker, and to the best of my knowledge, there’s no … [read more]

Mar 042014
sex at work 1: an office fantasy?

Near the end of a particularly difficult work week, I found myself stuck at the office after hours, working late again. J called around 9 — he was downstairs, just outside the office building doors. “You’re… here? Are you okay?” He said he was fine; he ‘just came by to say hello.’ I was unconvinced — no one drives a few hours just to say ‘hello.’ Slightly panicked, I rushed downstairs to meet him and figure out what was going on. “What’s wrong? You can tell me. What are you doing here?” His warm smile assured me there was no … [read more]

Aug 212013
we made a sex tape

I had toyed with the idea of recording J and I for some time, and finally brought it up to him a while ago. He was hesitant at first, but ultimately amenable. Getting his consent didn’t require much persuasion — just my continued assurance that his trust in me is well-placed. While he consented to being taped, I didn’t intend to tell him when. For weeks, my head spun with with thoughts of ‘secretly’ recording him and then springing the video on him at a later date. The idea of making a sex tape was hot, but what I really … [read more]

Jul 022013

We sat on opposite ends of the couch, each with work to do, but with the freedom afforded by a lazy weekend morning. I curled on one side with iced espresso and printed pages, my reading punctuated by soft sighs of frustration. He sat on the other with his laptop and hot coffee, silently working at whatever it is he does to facilitate his doing something else. After some time flipping through my pages, I realized I had no idea what I was reading. I wasn’t paying attention. Instead, I was thinking about him, over there on the other end … [read more]