May 082015
sub before domme? vanilla before kink?

Today’s question is from Novice Noemi (of Tyro Town, TN) Hi D!, I was so happy to find a blog that was about the joy of Domination and occasional slip ups, instead of just the craving of another person’s pain. But I’m still a little stuck and terrified of what I want. I am 21 years old and I have never been in a relationship, but the idea of a normal relationship just never seemed like… enough to me. Recently, trolling the internet, I stumbled onto BDSM. I keep searching but most (if not almost all) of the information on … [read more]

Jan 022015
experiment in stealth submission: can it turn a wife into a domme?

Today’s question is from Stealth Submissive Stanley (from Covert City, CA) Hello, I’m a neophyte at this, and so am seeking the counsel of a dominant woman. I’m interested in getting my wife to embrace the dominant role in our relationship. The complication is that she is very conservative, and the idea of dominating me would never enter her mind. I am going to try an experiment for the next 9 weeks or so, and would greatly like some input on how to nuance this process. My thought is to begin pampering her, being extra attentive, but within limits. That … [read more]

Dec 292014

he is baptized after speaking in tongues at my altar “Legs B&W” by Nikita Kashner, (2003). Work licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0). worship was last modified: December 29th, 2014 by Dumb Domme

Dec 212014
sunday service for the faithful

‘Hot’ isn’t the right word for this — it’s more like smouldering. It’s not the suggestion of action that gets me (though that helps) — it’s the attitude, the posturing… the reverence. It’s the positioning and the inference of a dynamic. It doesn’t ‘turn me on.’ No — that’s too crude and reductive. It’s more complex than that — more visceral. This is the sort of language and sets my brain to a low level hum. It makes me feel dominant — it’s that prowly, hungry, feral feeling. They’re the sort of words that make me want. But in the absence of an available, willing boy, I’ll just have to … [read more]

Dec 062014
manners, metaphors, and main courses

Reader questions on good manners, dominant women and PIV sex, and D/s as dinner. Do you think its good to answer all women with yes ma’am and no ma’am instead of just yea/yes? Thanks. No. But you should always use good manners and be polite (to everyone). What form politeness takes should be governed by the situation and the person with whom you are speaking. Before you succeeded at orgasm, was your control over J’s body a serviceable substitute for a place you couldn’t reach? What I’ve seen may be more anecdotal than I know; dommes claiming that PIV doesn’t … [read more]