Aug 062015


Dumb Domme TMI:
The Sort of Information You Don’t Want from Anyone Else

I’ve had a ton of work to catch up on, and believe it or not, that’s good for my overthinky brain (until it isn’t — the tipping point always sneaks up on me). Lots of work also means I’ve been less out-and-about than usual, and that’s been good for my not-yet-healed metatarsals (and, I suppose, physical rest is good for that new clicky sound in my knee — it’s different than the usual soft crunching sounds).

In addition to working, I’ve been catching up on sleep, reading, and working through my backlog of media — largely comprised of podcasts, a few documentaries, and stand-up specials. What’s surprising is that I’ve also done some binge TV watching, and that’s not something I usually do. My general ignorance of popular television and film is a strange point of pride, so admitting to binge watching feels a bit shameful.

Granted, I always do other things while consuming media — housework, gardening, lawn-mowing, admin busy work, etc. Usually it’s podcasts, but anything that keeps my brain occupied during menial activities is good. Binge watching (/listening to) TV shows fits the bill. Buying a few sets of “wireless” Bluetooth earbuds was one of the best impulse buys I’ve ever made (damn you Kinja Deals!). With Bluetooth earbuds, the iPad stays put and I can go about my house or yard work untethered.kale-nutrition-facts

I’m a happy homebody, but I really need to get out and do some actual grocery shopping. I’ve been living on Greek yogurt, kale, and a few frozen mangoes for more than a week. While that sounds terrifically healthy (and delicious), it’s actually kinda awful.

The yogurt keeps my digestive system running like clockwork, which is great (I have a notoriously sloth-like digestive system). However… the only thing going through that digestive system is kale.

Kale is 5% vitamins and minerals and 95% fiber. Actually, it’s worse than fiber. It’s roughage — the tough stuff — like mulch, dried brambles, fibrous shrubbery, or brittle tree branches.

Basically, the combination of yogurt and kale have turned my body into a wood chipper.

My butthole is very angry.


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  1. Ahh, the joys of roughage. :-/

    Regarding the clicking knee, you might consider a look at trigger points. I recently had a fall and wounded some interior thigh muscles. It has resulted in a very clicking knee. My doc assured me that doing the suggested trigger point therapy will banish said clicking in time. Hopefully, you won’t bruise yourself in a flurry of masochistic self-torture, as I did.

  2. That sounds kinds like shitting rainbows, and pissing excellence… Both at the same time, but with razor blades.

  3. I came across your blog while I was researching on various kinky issues and was laughing with tears at 5am yesterday morning. I had misaligned pelvic bone and a tear on my left hip flexor two years back. Haven’t been running and climbing high with my right leg ever since. I wonder why being so young I can be so fragile. Anyway, I like your blog a lot!

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  5. Last post was 4 years ago. How about one last post for closure? I’ve invested a lot of time into this blog and keep checking in for an update, but nothing

    • i just saw this website for the first time, I’d say let’s not update this website for a few more weeks till the new comers have read all the previous posts.

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