Jul 282015
the marrieds and the singles (everybody drinks)

I’m back. I traveled — by land, by sea, and by air — and now I’m back. The trip wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t great, either. All things considered, I wish I had stayed home. My foot isn’t any less broken, I have a bunch of work emails to catch up on, and on the whole, I did not enjoy seeing old friends. My friends suck. Or maybe I suck. Or maybe nobody sucks because we’ve just grown apart and friendships are hard to maintain. To be fair, perhaps I should say friendships are hard to revisit (rekindle?) since there’s … [read more]

Jul 142015
drunk email

I’m either fucking awesome or total shit at drunk emailing. One of those. It is safe to say I’m terrible at drunk dialing since I sent a drunk email to test the waters first. Who does that? I can’t even fuck up like a normal person. Anyway, (clearly) things aren’t going well between the boy and I. <sarcasm> Quelle surprise </sarcasm> — there are only about a million miles between us (literally and metaphorically…). drunk email was last modified: July 14th, 2015 by Dumb Domme

Jul 122015
true sadism

Deep thought?   Dumb thought.   Thought… A thing that happened in my head. Real sadists™ don’t need fetishy torture tools, expensive equipment, or elaborate sexy plans. Real sadists need only creativity and a genuine appreciation for others’ pain. … and glitter. I fucking hate glitter. Image: “accidental spill” by y-a-n, (2005). Work licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0). Text by DumbDomme, (2015). true sadism was last modified: July 12th, 2015 by Dumb Domme

Jul 092015
back in town and slightly broken

After being on the road (and off road, too), I’m back at home… for the moment (at least). I’ve been traveling, but I wouldn’t call it a vacation. In my mind, vacations are for doing nothing, and nothing is something I could do at home all by myself. I’m visiting friends and doing things, though not doing things as well as I could be. My plans have been slightly affected by a slightly broken foot. Slightly. It’s a familiar stress fracture that’s been annoying me every few years since college. I worked my way through school — I mean, I … [read more]