Apr 042015

peeps in bondage

reader questions about
sacrifice & indulgence
Ever give anything up for lent?

Sure. What better way to practice my faith in the Blessed Undead Bunny who sacrificed himself, rose from the grave, and shat jelly beans to save us from our sins? Giving up something is the least I can do.

I keep fairly accurate records in case I am called to the Bedazzled Gates of Heaven and made to account for my sacrifices in this yearly time of reflection and renewal.

Below is what I’ve given up for Lent the past few years.

2009 straws
2010 fabric softener
2011 odd numbers
2012 ice cubes
2013 ctrl-c and ctrl-v
2014 twist ties
2015 quinoa
Would you ever shove a creme egg up a sub’s ass to let it melt? And then threaten to make him eat it?

No. Life is too short for poor quality chocolate.

I’d love to pour laphroig down your naked torso and drink it. (computer tried to spell check laphroig to aphrodite – how appropriate is that?)

Life is also too short for single malt that tastes like the inside of an apothecary table. Bring Macallan and I’ll think about it.

Are you having a misfit easter party?

No. In lieu of dying eggs, I’m dying my nipples in festive shades of pastel. Later on, I’ll put on bunny ears, egg the neighbors house with Cadburys, and throw Peeps at passing children.

Would you like a poem if yes, please give theme 3 words and rudeness level :)

Would I like a poem? Probably not, but I’ll be open-minded… I’ll indulge you.

theme: indulgence
three words: spark, position, excess
rudeness level(?): clever, playful snark


  6 Responses to “sacrifice and indulgence”

  1. I once knew someone who gave up ice cubes for lent…. I thought that he just lost the recipe.

  2. Gosh I hope you’ll post that poem if you get it. Challenging responses, could be fun to read it.

  3. I could never give up crtl-c cnrtctrl-c and ctrl-v. You area very brave soul.

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