Apr 142015

So, my career is ramping up, or ending. Possibly both. I’m not sure. In the beginning of this blog, I described my career as being on knife’s edge between up and coming industry expert or complete and total failure. That was the case some years before I started here, and it was years in the making before that. I’ll find out soon which side of the blade I’ll fall on. I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard in all my life as I have these past few months. I routinely pull all-nighters like I’m a college kid (I’m not). … [read more]

Apr 042015
sacrifice and indulgence

reader questions about sacrifice & indulgence Ever give anything up for lent? Sure. What better way to practice my faith in the Blessed Undead Bunny who sacrificed himself, rose from the grave, and shat jelly beans to save us from our sins? Giving up something is the least I can do. I keep fairly accurate records in case I am called to the Bedazzled Gates of Heaven and made to account for my sacrifices in this yearly time of reflection and renewal. Below is what I’ve given up for Lent the past few years. 2009 straws 2010 fabric softener 2011 … [read more]