Mar 182015

I can’t write my words when I don’t have you I can’t sing my song when my strings won’t tune You won’t believe me You won’t believe me crying And I can’t walk my path when I can’t stay motivated I can’t pay my dues when it gets too complicated You won’t believe me You won’t believe me So you’ll never see me Give me a reason and I won’t breakdown Give me a reason and I won’t breakdown And if that’s all that you’ve got you’d better not get caught I’ve got more in store. I can’t keep my … [read more]

Mar 102015
sure, women are beautiful (but what else?)

Last year was the first I heard of International Women’s Day — several colleagues confirmed it’s relatively unknown in the U.S.. This year, when #internationalwomensday started trending a few days ago, I clicked. Of course, hashtags are only an indication of what people are talking about on Twitter, but based on that hashtag, I learned International Women’s Day is about celebrating women’s “beauty” with selfies — particularly makeup/no makeup selfies. *grumble* *grumble* *grumble* Intellectually, I understand celebrating body diversity and encouraging body acceptance and positivity are important parts of larger efforts for equality. I understand selfies can be empowering (and … [read more]

Mar 062015
strategically targeting BDSM newbies

Surrounding the release of the movie that shall not be named, there was discussion about whether newbies to kink and BDSM (particularly Fifty Shades readers with expectations built on fiction) were at risk of being taken advantage of. That’s an interesting conversation, but not one I engage in here. What I think is interesting, though, is the way that Whiplr, the kinky hookup app, draws on those concerns in what appears to be very strategic ways in order to market itself to novices. What is Whiplr Selling? As its predecessors Grindr and Tinder, Whiplr markets itself as a social media … [read more]

Mar 032015
Whiplr: the app for kinky fuckery

Whiplr: Kinky Tinder (kinda) . There’s a new app called “Whiplr.” According to developers, Whiplr is “The world’s first and only location-based messaging app to help you connect with people who share your interests in kinks, either online or in person.” Think Tinder for for kinky people… kinda. At least I think that’s the intention. Like Tinder, Whiplr is a messaging app with GPS and location services that will help you find people in your area to fuck. But with Whiplr, not only can you find people who want to fuck, but also, you can find people who want to … [read more]