Jan 132015
what is this thing?

I’ve been asked by the lovely and talented Girl on the Net to participate in a daisy chain interview thing over at Cliterati. While I don’t usually participate in such things, I fucking love GoTN, so I couldn’t say no. (You can read GoTN’s interview here). One of GoTN’s questions is: “How would you describe your site in two sentences or less?” While brevity isn’t one of my strengths, this should be a fairly easy question to answer. I mean, I’ve written nearly 600 posts here since I started in 2011, so I should be able to say what it’s … [read more]

Jan 102015
questions, requests, and suggestions

 Invasive questions, forward requests, and ‘helpful’ website suggestions from readers. Have you ever posted a picture of yourself on here for your readers to see? Yes, I have posted a photo or two! You can find them in one or more of the 581 posts I’ve written here. Go fish. :) I’m feeling some entitlement in your question and it rubs me the wrong way. You do realize I don’t owe you anything, right? Go find someone elses photo to jerk off to / throw darts at / draw a mustache on. I’ve been reading your blog first entry to … [read more]

Jan 082015
I wish you love... and death by fire

Hey there happy couple! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding (or commitment ceremony, hand fasting, collaring, broom jumping, plate smashing, basket weaving and/or other symbolic ritual to celebrate your love). Of course I’ll be there! I like weddings — I’ve even married people (as an officiant, not as the condemned betrothed…). While I’m not looking to get married, I’m happy for you and honored to be there when you get married. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy celebrating love, being with friends, and an open bar? (you’ll have an open bar… right?) Get married under a chuppah, over a broom, before an … [read more]

Jan 062015
formidable presence (absence)

He is a formidable presence with height and weight and depth. I studied him — every plane, curve, and angle — to understand how his dimensions might best accommodate my own. Simultaneously dead weight and constant motion, I learned how to move him and how to hold him still. I memorized his gravity so I could negotiate its pull. But there was just too much. He took up considerable space inside my heart, my mind, my bed. There was little room to move and nowhere I could go to prevent my own displacement. His absence is formidable. It’s indistinct, but expansive, and I do … [read more]

Jan 022015
experiment in stealth submission: can it turn a wife into a domme?

Today’s question is from Stealth Submissive Stanley (from Covert City, CA) Hello, I’m a neophyte at this, and so am seeking the counsel of a dominant woman. I’m interested in getting my wife to embrace the dominant role in our relationship. The complication is that she is very conservative, and the idea of dominating me would never enter her mind. I am going to try an experiment for the next 9 weeks or so, and would greatly like some input on how to nuance this process. My thought is to begin pampering her, being extra attentive, but within limits. That … [read more]