Jan 212015

As I mentioned and agonized over (and eventually said “fuck it” and finished), I wrote my two sentence description of Dumb Domme. That, along with a few other responses, are up over at Cliterati. Go read it. It’s fun.

I was interviewed by the lovely and talented Girl on the Net (Thanks GoTN!). The most important thing in that interview is in the intro where GoTN says she has a blogger-writer-crush on me. Seriously. She said that. :)

Humor is a rubber sword – it allows you to make a point without drawing blood.
Mary Hirsch (humorist, A Penis is Not for Raping)

The feeling is mutual. On that note, you should really go read Rebranding Feminism: The Planning Meeting. It’s the sort of writing I adore — the sort that makes an entirely logical argument in a humorous way (where the humor doesn’t detract from the argument, but instead, reinforces it).

line-break-flourish-smIn other news you didn’t ask for, Submissive Guy Comics (who, incidentally, is agonizing over my interview questions at the moment) linked to a Skillshare by Kate McDevitt on hand lettering. SGC has been practicing his calligraphy using ‘news’ headlines (“Nicki Minaj loses nipples in tragic Photoshop accident!”) and people’s Twitter handles (I’m near the bottom, so I assume he wrote names in reverse order of importance… right?!)

I lost my good calligraphy pensThe other night I got the itch to break out my old pens, but unfortunately, all I could find were markers and a couple dip fountain pens with pots of dried up ink. Those options fall on either end of the extreme — markers are generally crappy for writing, and I don’t have enough time or patience to clean delicate nibs and deal with spilled ink.

But now, thanks to my drunken e-shopping, I have a shiny new set of Parallel Pens to play with.

What I don’t have is appropriate paper. I tried every different type of paper in the house and the ink feathers or the nib drags. Graph paper worked, kinda, but it’s too thin. Any calligraphy/fountain pen people out there? Recommendations for what paper to use with Pilot Parallel pens (specifically)?

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to practice using some of the ridiculous search queries that bring people to the site.

I’m out of practice and smudge prone (I’m so impatient I literally can’t wait a few seconds for the ink to dry…)

search query huge swinging labia



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  1. First off.. Thanks for the link to the Feminism article. Very much a great topic.

    Second.. thanks for that little blast from the past with that interview (the martini post)

  2. I read the interview, and I thought it was wonderful. I love the way you write, but seeing as I am not a writer, I can’t have a writer’s crush on you… Maybe a reader’s crush then. (I don’t know, is that even a thing?)
    Anyway, I’m looking forward to your interview with SGC. It should be fun.

  3. Clairefontaine, or Rhodia paper for FPs. Spendy for practice, but smooth as hell frozen over.

    • Thank you for the recommendations!

      I read some reviews of Clairefontaine that suggested it might be a little too smooth for me. I like paper with a little tooth to it (perhaps because I’m so tense? I need paper that holds its ground).

      After reading a bunch of great reviews for Rhodia, I bought a dotPad and fell in love with it. I promptly bought several more in a bunch of sizes. The paper has enough texture (though I wish it were a little thicker so I could use both sides), and I LOVE the dot matrix instead of lines.

      I’m now using dotPads for all of my scribbling-related needs — at home and at work. :)

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