Jan 272015
technical difficulties

I’m aware of the “pageok” message on some of the individual posts… but I have no fucking idea what it means or what to do about it. As of right now, my approach is to ignore it and hope it resolves itself. That could happen, right? *shrug* Thanks to all of you who emailed to let me know.     technical difficulties was last modified: January 27th, 2015 by Dumb Domme

Jan 242015
beginning to wonder (so much left unsaid)

A long (long) time reader wrote me a kind note about a month ago. Hi D, I was beginning to wonder how your life was going following J’s departure. With the extended time between your post about Jian Gomeshi and your most recent posts, I was beginning to think you were either completing a very big project at work or holed up in a seedy motel room with several empty bottles of vodka to your credit. But with today’s post [contemplating the divine] my answer came – introspection. Big work project? Yes (always). Seedy motel room? No (never). If I’m … [read more]

Jan 212015
bits & pieces (and huge swinging labia)

As I mentioned and agonized over (and eventually said “fuck it” and finished), I wrote my two sentence description of Dumb Domme. That, along with a few other responses, are up over at Cliterati. Go read it. It’s fun. I was interviewed by the lovely and talented Girl on the Net (Thanks GoTN!). The most important thing in that interview is in the intro where GoTN says she has a blogger-writer-crush on me. Seriously. She said that. :) Humor is a rubber sword – it allows you to make a point without drawing blood. Mary Hirsch (humorist, A Penis is … [read more]

Jan 192015

I strip him slowly, kiss him often and give him time and space to kiss me in return. Tentative at first, suspicious of my sweetness — the caution is not without foundation. His mouth is for my pleasure, even when my pleasure is his pain. “Kiss nice,” I whisper softly. He owes me enough to last a lifetime but I want it all right now. Eyes closed, lips parted, he yields to my aggression. More on Kissing… breaking you I want to pry you open, shove myself inside you and get off on the resistance you provide. I want to … [read more]

Jan 182015
drunken impulse buys

While at a work event this afternoon, I received an automated text alert: “Your packages have been delivered.” Package? Packages… (plural)? I wasn’t expecting any packages — it’s after the holidays and my birthday is months away. I don’t have that email address (the one I use for junk) set up for mobile, and I can’t check Amazon orders from my phone (I need to confirm my password… which is on my computer). But because I never clear the browser cache, I can see the items I’ve viewed. Fountain pens… yes! I remembered looking at fountain pens. But also, apparently, … [read more]