Jan 042014
love of flesh; want for blood

The implements are familiar. I held them often (years ago) in an air-conditioned studio that smelled of something faintly clinical. But this feeling is foreign — I never loved the flesh that was my target nor the blood that I evoked. The air is anything but clinical — it’s hot, heavy, and dense with equal parts anxiety, arousal, and isopropyl. I love the flesh, I want the blood, but I’m uneasy about it all. I ask him if he’s ready because I am not so sure. He is stoic and nearly still, save for the subtle throb that accompanies his … [read more]

Jan 022014
pop culture malapropisms and mix-ups (part 2)

Year in Review Pop Culture Malapropisms & Mix-ups: Part 2 (Part 1 – #6, #5, and #4 – is here) #3: Mario Batali | Marion Bartoli In July, the interwebz was all a-Twitter with variations on “you’re fat… fat fat fat fat fat” and suggestions: “there’s your plate, now get back in the kitchen and make everyone a sandwich.” But why Bartoli? Of all people in all professions, why the fuck would anyone fat-shame a celebrity chef? People tweeted their support and wrote articles about how we should judge people on their professional achievements rather than their weight, and why … [read more]