Dec 102014

I am not a religious girl. I had more than my fair share of religion as a child, and as an adult, I’ve seen the damage it’s done to people I love and whole countries of people I’ll never know.

But I was raised in religion, and perhaps that explains some of the reason I’m drawn to religious imagery — the art, the language, the mythology — all of it.

It doesn’t turn me on, per se. “Turn-on” isn’t the right word for it. It’s more that I find it… erotically compelling. Is erotically compelling a thing? If it isn’t, it should be.

I think of “turn-ons” as physical, immediate, fairly predictable and straight-forward. But something that’s erotically compelling feels more cerebral — deeper, somehow — it feels more nuanced and profound, but also, more abstract and fluid.

I enjoy the ideas of worship, reverence, and prayer, and I’m drawn to language that speaks of the divine, the ethereal, and the powerful. I find figurative baptism, confession, and communion compelling — as metaphors and symbolic action. I often find myself fantasizing in narratives of commandments and corruption, of the fall from grace, of absolution and salvation.

domme angel? domme devil? dumb demon?I’m drawn to the idea of the forbidden; of fruit (of knowledge) so tempting that you’d sacrifice eternity for just a taste.

In the days that follow, I’ll share bits and pieces of what moves me. I can’t say they mean much or add up to anything, but (to me) they are compelling… erotic… hot even.

I considered calling the series “Holy Fuck,” but that sounds too base. Maybe I’ll call it “Contemplating the Divine”? Either way, more to come… soon.

(If you’ve got a better title… let me know! I came up with the best series title in the shower… and then I forgot it. Two points to whoever jogs my memory…)

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  1. Can’t hardly wait! I’m absolutely stoked and so looking forward to these posts. :)

    As for the series name?
    ‘The Consecrated & the Carnal’
    ‘Halos & Fuckholes’
    ‘Oh God! You Devil’
    Additional suggestions 25¢ each.

    • As for the series name?

      No… no, no. You have to think about what I was thinking about in the shower. Those are far too complicated/clever. Whatever-it-was I thought of was obvious (I remember that much).

      Additional suggestions 25¢ each.

      Where do I put the quarters?

      • Other than lustful thoughts about me, I’m sure I don’t know what thoughts occur to you in the shower. Maybe I can’t help with your remembering, but maybe it helps to know that I accept 25¢ payments like communion wafers—on my knees, eyes closed, tongue out. So, yeah, it’s kinda gross.

        • Other than lustful thoughts about me, I’m sure I don’t know what thoughts occur to you in the shower.

          It’s pretty much that–lustful thoughts about you, clever post titles, and… no, nothing else. That’s all.

          payments like communion wafers—on my knees, eyes closed, tongue out.

          Oh… you had me until I realized it was dirty coins. Next time I’m in the shower, in my head, I’ll swap out the quarters for vanilla wafers, ok?

  2. My dear…..You are the Holy Divine.
    Try not to forget that. :)

  3. You write so well. Thank you for your posts.

    Thought you might want to take a look here: When I saw the title of your post I thought you were going to be commenting of that blog.


    • You write so well. Thank you for your posts.

      Thank you for saying so. :)

      I wasn’t aware there was a blog by that name… but I should have guessed as much. Oh well — it’s a common enough phrase, I think.

  4. Okay, so I’m not one to *spam*, but this post instantly made me think of Heather Cole’s latest release, ‘Sins’. She weaves in elements of divinity, forgiveness, and absolution in an amazing, kinky way… :P

  5. I think that “Contemplating the Divine” is a perfect title and I’m really looking forward to this particular series. Religion, and it’s accompanying mythology, has loomed large over me since I was very small and I am always fascinated by the thoughts and experiences that others have had with it.

    In the passage of time, I’ve gone from dutiful (but doubtful) Catholic, to assimilated cult member, (Resistance is NOT futile!!!) to non-observant Jew, until finally embracing my inner nihilistic curmudgeon, but my mind is always open to hearing new and different points of view.

    Anything that has to do with “Life, the Universe and Everything” is an immediate attention grabber for me.

  6. I look forward to reading all of this. And would love to talk about any of it, too!

  7. Forty two…

  8. Call me crass, but I like Holy Fuck. And I wasn’t at all raised in the church or with any kind of religiousity and even I am compelled by all the fanfare.

    Does it count that I absolutely melt for a man in a collar? The white variety, of course. The Neighbor dressed up as a priest last Halloween and I nearly swooned.

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