Nov 102014
reader questions: bears, biology, and "babygirls"

Bears, Boilers, Babygirls, Biology, and Board Games Today’s reader questions are brought to you by the letter “B.” Could you make me a chocolate teddy bear please? FFS. Now is not the time for ambiguity! Do you want me to make you a chocolate teddy bear? Or make you into a chocolate teddy bear? By chocolate, do you mean a flavor? Or a color? I can’t possibly help you if you don’t give me all the information. Since your question is wide open for interpretation, I’m going to have to use my judgment. Go sit in a double boiler and … [read more]

Nov 062014
response: a feminist's perspective on anti-feminist inaccuracies

Yesterday over on Malflic, Alice King — who does not identify as a feminist — posted A Females Perspective on Extreme Feminists. In it, she offers criticisms of feminism, and more specifically, “the feminist movement.” She addresses feminism as if it’s a singular, unified, coherent monolith with agreed upon goals, approaches, and beliefs, most of which are extreme, anti-male, and completely counter to what most feminists endorse. She also discusses the need for gender bias in certain professions and her concerns over men’s rights and false rape allegations. I appreciate that Alice invites discussion, despite her allusion to past negative … [read more]

Nov 032014
DIY erotic electrostimulation (e-stim)

Today’s Reader Question comes from Sparky of Amperage, AK. Ohm man, watt a shocking question! I expect my response might generate some static, but if you’ve got a short fuse, don’t get all amped up — just try to stay grounded, okay? I’ve had a little BDSM experience… Where can I find extreme electrocution and not pay for it? You’re in luck, my electrically, financially, and intellectually deficient friend! DIY erotic electrostimulation can be cheap, easy, and dangerous. All you need is some creativity, unreasonable expectations, and general disregard for your own health and safety. You could try licking a … [read more]