Nov 262014
Jian Ghomeshi and a critique of BDSM defenses

Today, former CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi is out on $100,000 bail after surrendering himself to Toronto Police this morning. He is charged with four counts of sexual assault[1] and one count of “overcome resistance – choking.”[2] According to his lawyer, Marie Henein, Ghomeshi will plead “not-guilty,” and is due to appear in court on January 8th. If, somehow, you’ve missed the news coverage, Ghomeshi was fired by the CBC after three women filed reports accusing him of sexual assault. In an attempt to get a statement out in advance of the CBC, Ghomeshi took to Facebook to deny the … [read more]

Nov 242014
"I don't wanna be a cuckold!"

Today’s reader question is from Hesitant Husband (who does NOT want to relocate to Cuckold Canyon, CO.) My wife is naturally dominate. I like playing around but I’m not into the whole cuck thing. I couldn’t deal with that. If we continue playing around I’m not going to end up like her bitch or a cuck am I? That is not what I want and I don’t think she would want to either. Femdom isn’t a chronic illness that starts with a command and ends with a locked cock and a dildo in your ass. Just because you and your … [read more]

Nov 212014
10 things I realized (later than I should have)

10 things I realized later in life than I should have. (in no particular order) We are not “human beans” If I have the presence of mind to compensate for my physiological tell, I am an excellent liar. “Mannequin” is not an acceptable career choice. I have terrible rhythm. There is no “statue of limitations.” People rarely care (or love, or hate) as much as I think they do. I throw a wicked left hook. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard you try or how much you love something. Sometimes being good at it is all that matters. Despite what … [read more]

Nov 162014

Throughout our relationship, I was diligent about never asking J for things he wouldn’t do, or couldn’t do. I never asked him to put me above his work, his dreams, or his plans — not even in small ways. I never called on him in such a way that he was forced to choose between what he should do, what he needed to do, and what I wanted him to do. It’s not that I never needed him — I did — I just never asked. In part, it’s because I never wanted to put him in that position, and … [read more]

Nov 152014

(Habits) Stay High, Tove Lo You’re gone and I gotta stay High all the time To keep you off my mind High all the time To keep you off my mind Spend my days locked in a haze Trying to forget you babe I fall back down Gotta stay high all my life To forget I’m missing you       stay high was last modified: December 17th, 2014 by Dumb Domme