Oct 012014

A few days ago, I made a silly graphic to illustrate the “taxonomy of mansplainers.”

A day later, I received this email from a male reader…


I’m just going to leave that there and go make myself a drink.

  12 Responses to “a man mansplains the error in my last post”

  1. Would it have made a difference if a woman had pointed out the error?

    Honest question there.

  2. perhaps next he can correct the Latin in the old road runner cartoons.

  3. Anally pedantic orally fixated males should use those skills in a more praise worthy fashion.
    In other words, make them kiss your ass…..literally. :)

  4. Holy missing the point, Batman. I can only hope this was a misguided attempt at humor?

  5. First, at least he gave you an alert. Second, I think you should be very very flattered to have such a well-educated readership. Third, hysterical!!!

    Thanks for this!


  6. i think maybe it would have been better if someone had pointed out how grossly transphobic yr original post was

    • Perhaps you could point out where or how it was transphobic. It certainly wasn’t my intent, and if I’ve been unintentionally insensitive, I’d like to correct the error (and perhaps, my thinking).

      (I have a hunch, but I’ll not make guesses)

      • “people with vaginas” =/= women necessarily

        neither do all women have vaginas

        this is pretty basic shit

        • You’re fucking kidding me. You said it was “grossly transphobic.”

          Accidentally not including women without vaginas qualifies as “grossly transphobic”…?

          • saying that only people with vaginas are women is an act of transphobic violence

            alternatively, use google / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_cI-7_Phog

          • @M

            One day you’re going to grow up and realize that a lack of all sense of proportion doesn’t actually serve the cause of social justice. It’ll probably happen around the time you stop getting your social justice learnings from youtube. Then you’ll go do something that actually helps trans people. This isn’t it.

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