Oct 312014
halloween: then and now

I don’t have fond childhood memories of Halloween. After my mother found Jesus, she made me to dress up as Mary Magdalene for my second grade class party in the hopes I would witness to all the other little children dressed up as princesses, witches, baseball players, and superheros. But rather than demanding my classmates cast the devil from their lives, I told my friends I was dressed up as a princess. I didn’t look anything like a princess, but I don’t think my classmates cared enough to challenge me — readily available candy took up most of their attention. … [read more]

Oct 272014
slackjawed pickletits; slopebrowed weaseldicks

But as long as you hemorrhoidal gunt stains continue this asininity, [. . . .] it makes me want to pick you all up collectively and shake you until your rectum leaks out what little brains you have because YOU’RE SO FUCKING DUMB. It’s been too long since I last updated my celebrity crush list (though Rachel Maddow, Marc Maron, Henry Rollins, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson are still on it). Today, Chris Kluwe — outspoken gay (equal) rights advocate, same sex marriage supporter, Voltaire fan, card carrying nerd, gamergate destroyer, and former punter for some American football team — has … [read more]

Oct 252014

We ended badly. Sort of. We didn’t end badly, but the ending was bad. I knew it would be emotional and unpleasant — and it was — but not for the reasons I anticipated. (I drunkenly wrote it out the night it happened, but I can’t bring myself to look at it just yet. I need to get my head on straight before I do that.) J and I were okay for a while, I guess. We talked here and there, but neither of us said much of anything. It meant something to me that we were both still trying … [read more]

Oct 242014

My “perfectionism” is debilitating, and it’s getting worse. There’s little to keep me from dwelling over every-fucking-little thing to the point it takes me exponentially more time to accomplish anything (everything). When I do, whatever-it-is is damn near perfect, but worth little. There was no reason for perfection because it wasn’t worth anything to begin with. A perfect nothing is still nothing. I used to be able to work at a reasonable pace, even rushing through tasks that were trivial, mostly because I had other things to occupy my mind. I still do, but it’s sad stuff, confusing stuff that … [read more]

Oct 182014
submission as a gift?: maledoms vs. femdoms

Today’s reader question comes from Tumblin’ Taylor of Tahoka, TX. Want to ask a question? Use the contact form on the Q & A page. Do you think there is a double standard for female/male submissives? Male Doms (rightfully) explain in media (like tumblr) that the submission of a woman is a gift and a privilege (it is) but I don’t see that sentiment from Dommes towards male submissives. Or am I just being blinded by stereotypes or crappy representations of Domme/male sub relationship? One question; three different topics: 1) double standards, 2) Tumblrs, and 3) submission a “gift.” Double … [read more]