Sep 272014

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know the model is flawed. It’s a working theory.

I suppose I’ll present it at the next meeting of Feminists Eradicating Mansplaining Conference for Understanding Nonsensical Taxonomies (FEM-CUNT) and see what the sisterhood has to say.

taxonomy of mansplainers

  7 Responses to “mansplaining taxonomy: a working theory”

  1. Awesome! Love the graphics! If only my ineffectual male lizard brain could wrap itself around what it means. I think I need another dude to mansplain it to me..

    • Mansplaining dude circle? I fucking love it! I mean, eventually, they’d all run out of breath and pass out, but it might be fun to watch. :)

      • But do interrupters of the same genus and species interrupt each other??

        In such a phylogenetically pure circle, mansplaining could be much more efficient, non-verbal, etc, with many fewer breaths needed…

  2. As a fellow Fem-Cuntinator……..I love it, love it, love it. :)

  3. For those who, like me, are mnemonically-challenged, there’s this for the taxonomic hierarchy:

    Dirty Kinky People Can Often Find Great Sex.

    So the Domain is…?

  4. Alpha male? Hah! He wishes.

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