Aug 092014

Obviously, I’m not a photographer. I’m far more comfortable with words than I am with images (and perhaps I’ll explain why some other time).

Since I was thinking about (and writing about) what I intended to do with J’s collar, I figured I should take some photos of it before I took it apart to make it into something that better suits it’s shifting symbolism.

While I’m not generally invested in photos I take, these were a giant disappointment. They were ridiculously boring — more flat and straight-forward than rich and resonant.

First, it’s disappointing that I can’t possibly communicate — in words or in images — how beautiful the boy is when he’s in it. The love, the obsession, and the hunger can’t be captured  in a way that does justice to the feeling of seeing my boy wearing my collar.

Second, it’s disappointing that the photos are so… dull. They’re lifeless, bloodless, and chaste. You’d never know that collar was part of such fantastic, kinky stuff. Wearing it, J’s been forced to suck my cock, lick my pussy, jerk off into a glove, edge himself, and entertain me during dinner. He’s been tied, spanked, fucked, pegged, figged, hooded, needled, and recorded.

Since the photos didn’t evoke debauchery or portray intimacy, I did some Photoshop-fu and Instaglamorizing filter-fuckery in an attempt to make the photos more interesting.

As you can see, all I came up with was some 7th grade level emo art… but I like it, so I’m posting it.

bdsm submissive collar art


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  1. I don’t think the job of an image is to do all of which you’d hoped. The 2D aspect of it is in total contrast to its real depth anyway and that, in and of itself, is compelling, not emo. I promise. It’s a good pic, woman. Really good. xx Hy

    • I don’t think the job of an image is to do all of which you’d hoped.

      Yeah, but I thought it would be more than what it was. Maybe somewhere in the middle between actual depth and *yawn* :)

  2. Photography is not easy. Lighting is complex, composition is tricky. It is perfectly understandable that you did not achieve what you were hoping for. There is a reason good photographers are paid a lot of money.

    That said, you can probably get closer to what you want, with a little experimenting. Take a look at photos that have some of the qualities that you are trying to get in your photo. Look carefully at the composition and lighting. Then try a few ideas.

    Want more dramatic lighting? Want more mystery? Try lighting that is not so bright and more shadows. Give the light some color, such as filtering it through a veil of red cloth. Look at other props as well. Add a whip lying on the table, perhaps coiled and leaning up against the statue? Light from the side, so that the statue has more shadow to display the details.

    Approach it as an experiment, where you can take you time. Sort of like experimenting on the sensations you can elicit from J when he is bound and helpless. No rush, you have the time. You can pause and change as you desire.

    For ideas, look up erotic photographers.


    • I appreciate the encouragement, Greg, but it’s not something I enjoy enough to want to get better at. I was just hoping for a little better than what I got.

      I’m all about twisting words and twisting boys, but effing around with composition and lighting sounds like a chore. Kudos to those who do it — I enjoy their work, I just don’t have the desire to do it myself.

  3. Being an insecure and ruthlessly competitive bitch (who has a little hero worship thing for you), I am semi-relieved that there is one thing you do not excel at.


    Nothing wrong with 7th grade emo, IMHO.

    • Oh yeah? I bet I’m twice as insecure and ruthlessly competitive as you! (ha!)

      I am semi-relieved that there is one thing you do not excel at.

      One thing? Heh. I wish. If you’re making some sort of list of what I’m awful at, you can add dancing, sitting still, and taking compliments. ;)

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