Jul 132014
a proud man

A proud man, he bends only to accommodate my will and the confines of our surroundings. He rests naked and unrestrained with his head in my lap and the rest of him in my hands. Stretched and folded, tempered and plied — he had been worked over well enough. My marks ruddy his smooth pale skin in places it isn’t already obscured by his graffiti. It will take so little now to persuade him to wrap himself around my desire. He is willing. I want. “Bare Feet and Legs of a Man Lounging on a Couch” by Oddman47, (2013). Creative … [read more]

Jul 102014
topical whiplash, interminable breakup, and closed comments

Also, beware of oversized elephants, flying tree squirrels, butt ducks, sugar gliders, lizards named ‘Fluffy’, squirrels with massive balls, human ponies, dead turtles, stealth alligators, perky horses, naked ninja turtles, and hairless, angry, kitties. I’ve already warned you to be on the lookout for under toads and drunken bears, but I’m warning you again because I’m redundant, repetitive, and tautological (all of those things!). J’s leaving, and I’m sad as fuck, but there are still a number of relationship crap issues I want to think through. I’ve got a bunch of drafts that need attention — thoughts to finish, opinions … [read more]

Jul 072014
angry emo butt sex

I’ve been feeling insecure and anxious. My relationship is strong, but not secure, and changes are coming soon. The disquiet comes courtesy of a goodbye that’s lasted months, and persistent uncertainty about exactly when he’ll leave (we still don’t know). We try to keep it light, but the consequence of falling sand is that it grows heavier as it piles up — the weight is becoming difficult to handle. Even under normal circumstances, my default is high strung, wound tight, with a tangle of thoughts in my head. But despite all of that — the anxiety, uncertainty, and sadness — … [read more]

Jul 032014
beautiful while it lasted

(photos from last year on the Fourth of July.) More on Parties… post-party report The day after a party, I gauge how good it was by what I find in the Roombas. So far, I’ve collected bottle caps, a guitar pick, an earring, a screw, and a felt moose… [read more] dinner party He writhed as I worked the plug in and pumped his cock with my other hand. After a few moments, he arched his back and tried to fuck himself against my hand… [read more] domestic advice Mother: “Oh, I heard about that on the news… that additive … [read more]

Jul 022014
dealing with dominant desires: guilt and shame

Today’s reader question comes from Wrestling Rita from Tumblrville, Interwebz. You know you can ask me anything over there, right? Do you ever feel ashamed/guilty/etc about your desires as a dominant? How do you deal with that? Asking as someone who is wrestling with herself and thinks you seem pretty wonderful. Thanks for the kind words. :) Sorry to hear that you’re wrestling with yourself over your dominant desires. It won’t make you feel any better, but you’re not alone. You didn’t identify your gender or sexuality, but if you identify as a cisgendered, heterosexual woman, dominance probably isn’t something … [read more]