Jul 302014

sexy cheetahsI’ve been remiss in not talking about the sex.

I guess it’s breakup sex. Pre-breakup sex? I’m not sure.

Anyway, it’s really, really good sex.

The other day, when I said we were just hitting our stride in the bedroom — I was incorrect. If we’re borrowing running/race metaphors here, then the more accurate description might be:

We’re like horny cheetahs… in a decathlon… with dildos.

I don’t know. I’m not good with metaphors.

It’s definitely marathon sex, but with lots of different events, and also,
I finish more often than once every three hours. ;)

My metaphors are bad, but the sex is good.

More details to follow… after I get some rest and rehydration.



  6 Responses to “good sex, bad metaphors”

  1. I’m simultaneously envious and aroused, damn you =)

  2. After really great sex, I often walk around with that feeling of triumph, wishing it was polite to go up to friends or co-workers and say, “I had totally awesome sex last night,” and then put my hand up for a high five.

    High five, woman!

  3. Awesome sex is awesome. I’d agree there should be more high fiving over it all. :-)

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