Jun 302014
domme problems: defective minions

  Clean my floor… NOW! Charging Error… 3. Shut the fuck up, minion! Charging Error… 3. I don’t care about your problems. Just clean my fucking floor! Charging Error… 3. …dammit.     domme problems: defective minions was last modified: June 30th, 2014 by Dumb Domme

Jun 262014
the slap: violence as intimacy

Remember the Strangers Kissing (“First Kiss”) video that went viral a couple months ago? It was beautifully shot (in black and white), full of beautiful people (models), with a beautiful concept (capturing the spontaneous intimacy of strangers kissing for the first time). In the short film, pairs of good looking strangers make awkward small talk, nervously approach each other, and kiss… and that’s when the magic happens. Once the strangers lock lips, “they suddenly appear intimate, sexy, even compassionate toward each other.”[1] The film peddles the idea that intimacy, romance, and beauty can spontaneously arise from something random. Within a … [read more]

Jun 242014
pretzel fucking and submissive men in underoos

You know the saying ‘There’s no such thing as a stupid question’? It’s bullshit. My Wife wants to make me wear diapers. I am not looking forward to it but she is the Dom in our relationship. Any ideas on how she can humiliate me in diapers? Quelle horror! That is humiliating… for both of you. Diapers are so last season! All the trendy doms are putting their male subs in underoos this season… (obvs!). Doesn’t your dominant get the newsletter? What’s your favorite sexual position? Pretzel. Hi. I was just looking at this Utube thing and the girl was … [read more]

Jun 212014
free time

I discovered he visited a friend when he could have spent time with me. I reminded him what he agreed to long ago — all of his free time belongs to me. If he has the time to travel to see a friend, he has time to travel and see me. At first, he tried to explain that his friend is just like family, but then backtracked and apologized. He suggested maybe he subconsciously neglected to mention his availability, forgot to offer his time to me first, didn’t want to ask if he could spend time with a friend… because … [read more]

Jun 172014
wanted: submissive males pitching woo

Today’s reader question is from Domina Wanna Woo[1] of Romance, Arkansas. Q: Do you ever want to be “woo-ed”? Flowers, chocolates, thoughtful cards for no reason? My sub and I have a great relationship but sometimes I need the affirmation that he is in this as much as I am… but as the domme, how do I let him know this? Submissive Male Woo-Pitchers Wanted Are you a submissive male? Do you pitch woo? If so, dominant women are looking for you. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to the ‘woo’ we’d like pitched in our general direction, but … [read more]