May 052014

You have Qs? What a coincidence… I have As!

I answer readers’ questions on feeling better, stinky feet, violent cats, preferred footwear, favored fiction, and douchey dudebros.

dopamine chemical structure

When you feel upset what always cheers you up?

Sunshine, avocados, and dopamine.

Did you ever get a request for a “stinky feet” session from one of your clients before? If so, how did you arrange the logistics?

Oh FFS. I don’t have clients, I don’t do “sessions,” and I don’t have stinky feet.

Cat Clawed Me! What should I do?

Clean the wound with lemon juice and apologize to the cat. Obviously, you did something to displease it.

Shoes or boots? (Or barefoot?)

Barefoot at the beach, around the house, and in the backyard/pool. In situations that demand shoes, I prefer wedge sandals. It’s way too hot and sandy in the subtropics for boots, and besides that, it would be a shame to hide my pretty feet.

These days, I prefer books that contain something real… Please spare me your imagination.
~ Lydia Davis
Twilight or Harry Potter?

I’m strictly a non-fiction kinda girl. But if I had to read one, I’d go Harry Potter, because… spells! DOMINANTATO FORGETTICUS!

How do you deal with the dudebros who think that writing about sex automatically means you deserve to be sexually harassed?

Our situations are a bit different. I write about sex in the context of my relationship. You don’t. You tweet nekkid photos of yourself with various objects up your butt, or tit shots with the accompanying question “do you like my boobies?”

Does that mean you deserve to be harassed? Of course not. But I’m not the person to ask for advice on this sort of thing.

My only advice to you is to stop using the word “boobies.” You sound like a child. If you’re old enough to take off your clothes, shove things in your ass, and post the photos on Twitter, you’re old enough to use big girl words.

composite based on “Dopamine chemical structure” (2007) by Cacycle, license permission under GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL), image released into the public domain (PD).
Quote by Lydia Davis, in I Can’t, and Won’t, (as quoted in The Telegraph).

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  1. I always feel better after a dose of dopamine …. and a DD Q & A!

    • Dopamine is always welcomed… naturally, artificially, or some combination of the two. As for DDQ&A, I read that as DQ at first… and now I want some ice cream.

      I’ll settle for a vodka tonic. ;)

  2. “boobies…” But big girl words are so HARD! ;)

  3. It’s been decades since I did chemistry! Is that molecular graphic a real compound? Put me out of my dopamine-denied misery. Please!

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