Apr 052014

Not for nothing, but this is my 500th post.
Please send your adoration and congratulations in the form of avocados, gold bullion, and good whiskey.

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So, as I mentioned, I’m all over the map lately, and this month’s posts reflect it. We’ve got hot office oral fuckery, musings on the nature or nurture of dominance, post-play ramblings and shared vulnerability, and my venomous response to one sexist reader who also happens to be romantic idealist (and an asshole).

With so much sex, speculation, sweetness, and snark, how on earth am I supposed to pick just one?

Help me choose. Which post should I submit to April’s e[lust]?
Take a look back at last month’s highlights and cast your vote below…

Which post should I submit for April’s e[lust]?

woman sitting on desk with legs crossedoffice, oral, orgasm Shirley Temple in The Little Princessdominants born or made? The Loverswhispered words wood sign that reads "big mistake"making a big mistake

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“Helen Gurley Brown 1964” (1964) by John Bottega, (cropped, framed). Donated to the Library of Congress; no known copyright restrictions.
“Shirley Temple in The Little Princess” (image 2009) from The Little Princess film trailer still (trailer 1939). Work is in the public domain.
“The Lovers” (1525) by Giulio Romano. (cropped) Work is in the public domain.
“Big Mistake” (2010) by double:zanzao. (cropped) Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0).

  10 Responses to “sex, sweetness, speculation, and snark”

  1. So funny… I submitted my vote, and the results to the moment show an even split across the board. Maybe we won’t be much help to you this month, DD. ;-)

  2. WOOO HOOO and Congrats on post number 500!!! *High five, fist bump, pat on the back, salute, tip of the hat, round of applause, foot stomping, and the WAVE (It’s only Gigabyte and me, but still)* Nicely done!
    You just need to tell me where to send the avocados, and good whiskey. (I’d have sent the gold bullion too, but a certain governmental agency decided that I “owed” it to them… They really *ARE* such cry babies!)
    Oh, right… I also voted! I went for “whispered words” because it warmed the cockles of my little black heart, and as you probably know, I’m pretty big on the heart warming stuff.
    Once again, congratulations on a reaching a milestone.

  3. Congratulations on your 500th! A testament to your …. hmmmm I don’t know exactly what! Your perseverance, your love of words, your kinship with your readers, your complex journey with D/s and j, your incredible amount of free time (hehehe just kidding)..

    Regardless congrats on both the quantity and sustained quality!

    • your incredible amount of free time (hehehe just kidding)..

      Damn straight you’d better be kidding… heh. I’m perpetually shocked at my production here in spite of the epic (and ubiquitous) bucket of work I have to do.

      It’s a testament to something… perhaps my penchant for productive procrastination? (and apparently, alliteration!)

  4. For whatever reason, I couldn’t vote yesterday (I use Chrome), but I was able to this morning. Congratulations on your 500th post. “Whispered Words” is far and away my favorite of the options.

    • For whatever reason, I couldn’t vote yesterday

      I think that was my fault, Neo. I’ve been obsessed with my website speed lately. I tweaked a setting sometime in the afternoon and had no votes for several hours — I think I messed it up. I reset the thingy I fucked with, and then votes started coming in again.

      I’m my own worst enemy.

      Thanks for weighing in, though. :)

  5. Congrats on the 500.. as an owner of 2 blogs I have far surpassed that on my ahem vanilla mom one.. but not even close on the naughty one.. Which is really my love because I love to write and can write more there of what I like. I hope a clear winner stays in the lead although any of them would be a fantastic submission!

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