Mar 232014

dumb domme search page

I’m enjoying a lovely weekend with a lovely boy. :) In my absence, I leave you with another installment of… Stupid Search Terms: Testicle Edition. These are actual search terms people that have brought people to my website. I have no fucking idea how people found me with these terms, but it amuses me endlessly. Maybe it was the BDSM lexicon entry I did on “ball-busting”?

Anyway, hope you’re all having a great weekend. I’m having a ball! ;)

search term, duck duck goose cock and ball torture

I remember playing duck-duck-goose as a kid! Good times. Wait, how the fuck does that translate to CBT? You slap some dude in the balls and call him “goose”? Whatever makes you happy… I guess.

search term, femdom boiling balls

I was taken aback by this until I realized it might be a typo. Surely someone didn’t mean ‘boiling balls.’ Perhaps they meant  ‘femdom bowling balls’… right? Is there some sort of Femdom Bowling League I’m unaware of? Do femdoms use bowling balls on actual man-balls? Where do they put the pins?!?!

search term, cartoon testicles

Because IRL testicles aren’t strange-looking enough? Because drawing them with smiley faces makes seem friendly?

search term, when you should tie your husband up and shaved cock and balls

I prefer Tied-Up Tuesdays or Shaved Saturdays. Also, tell hubby to shave his own damn balls.

search term, domme kix

I had no idea there was such a niche market for sadistic breakfast cereals! I might give this a try after I get through my can of Painfully Rolled Oats.

"domme kix" parody breakfast cereal box

  10 Responses to “stupid search strings: testicle edition”

  1. That Kix is hilarious and the fonts/graphics great! Maybe it should say ‘200% more crushed nuts’ :) (given the Domme kicks things!)

    • Maybe it should say ’200% more crushed nuts’ :)

      Ah! You’re totally right!! Crushed nuts… why didn’t I think of that? I guess I won’t be winning the “Sadist of the Year” award again this year. Dammit. :)

  2. I would be afraid to see what exactly brought people to either of my blogs in reality.. My naughty and my good girl one..

  3. Don’t forget “Auto Correct” on pads and phones. I haven’t tried but it’s possible that an iPhone changes Dominatrix to Domme Kix.

  4. Laughing my arse off! The graphics are priceless! And I find myself wondering whether the page hits will skyrocket if you employ the tags: “horny domme torturing with her gigantic tits” – hidden, of course – in white-on-white.

  5. That’s funny. I sometimes find some hilarious Google searches going through analytics.

    Someone reached my website today by searching, “example of humiliating online conversations between slave and mistress”. I have no idea why they got to my website from that lol. I also get a ridiculous amount of toilet slavery related searches which can be quite disturbing.

    Thanks for the laugh.

    • I also get a ridiculous amount of toilet slavery

      Yeah, I’m actually surprised by some of the search strings, and the disturbing ones are puzzling, to say the least — stuff I’ve never written about, mentioned… stuff I can’t even find on my own site.


      Thanks for stopping by, Dan. :)

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