Dec 142013

The other day, I tweeted out a link to an older post, “not what I expected.” In response, a lovely submissive reader (and all-around sweet boy) sent me this photo, inspired by what I wrote.

To me, this is far sexier and more suggestive than any sexually explicit photo. In part, it’s because I’m a reaction junkie — I adore inspiring reactions, especially ones that result in beautiful words or hopelessly sexy photos.


He paused for a moment and lifted his eyes to meet mine. Without breaking eye contact, he raised his muscular forearms to my waist level, elbows bent, palms upturned, and seemed to offer me the tender insides of his wrists. He paused, lowered his eyes again, and said, “The blood is just below the surface. It’s yours if you want it.”

blood below the surface


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  1. I can see where you would be much more moved by this than any mere “sexually explicit” photo. Inspiration is exactly the word I would use too. He obviously put some real thought into this picture, and it’s not the kind of “knee jerk” reaction to a post he thought was “hot”.

    Rather, he thoughtfully considered what you wrote, mirrored your words, translated them into his own graphic language, and repeated them back with understanding. I love to see that sort of thing happen.

    • it’s not the kind of “knee jerk” reaction to a post he thought was “hot”.

      I know, right? What’s sexy to me is when someone thinks about what I would find sexy (um, that makes sense in my head) :)

  2. That is really lovely.

  3. Just followed you on Twitter. Didn’t know you had this blog. Great posts. I especially loved this one.


    • Hello there, Mucky. :)

      First, nice to meet you. :)

      Second, if you just followed me on Twitter and didn’t know I had a blog, how did you find me? I’m curious… :)

  4. You have awesome followers! That’s really sweet and I agree that it’s much more attractive (on a variety of levels) than the standard cock shot or naked ass shot. Well done follower dude!

    • I second your compliments to readers here and to follower dude. ;)

      I adore engaging here — I have super smart, funny, thoughtful readers. And some of them are also swoon-worthy. :)

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