Dec 122013
So, bloggers already know that Google made some changes. There’s far less keyword data available — now that the majority of searches are private, in most cases, we don’t know what people searched for to find us.

I check my stats, but I don’t do much more besides that. I do keep a list of my favorite search terms — they’re things people Googled and somehow, based on that search, ended up on my site.

For your amusement, a selection from my list of favorite ridiculous, inexplicable, and delightful search queries… along with my responses, of course.


I remember that cartoon! Saturday mornings… right after ThunderCats, right?

dominating a domme

Ha! You’ve got to catch me first, motherfucker.


Hmmm… have you considered B, D, S, or M?


Well that’s dangerously ambiguous, isn’t it?


For pegging. From experience, I can tell you dildos make terrible bookmarks and nobody’s going to believe it’s an objet d’art.

  2 Responses to “huge vulvacunts”

  1. Dildos also make fantastic hitty toys. Especially if you have big ones or double ended ones. :D

  2. I’m so happy you have something to laugh about in your blog. Imagine if they found you under the title “sexually frustrated women”. Were this my blog, knowning they found me under that title would annoy me.

    LOL at your response to “dominating a domme”.

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