Dec 312013
year in review: malapropisms and mix-ups

Year in Review: Pop Culture Malapropisms & Mix-ups Instead of the typical “year in review” stuff, I figured I’d do something a little different. Besides, I self-reflect, introspect, and navel-gaze all year round. :) For your end-of-year reading pleasure, I give you my top six pop culture malapropisms, mix-ups, and confusions of 2013 — things I fucked up, mixed up, and flip-flopped in my ADHD brain. Granted, the mix-ups may have been only momentary (fleeting and quickly corrected), but they took up space in my brain for a little while. They’re the mistaken notions that made me say “whoops,” “ha!” … [read more]

Dec 272013
putting my sub's interests above my own

or, “Why I’m Alone on Christmas” I’ve always enjoyed hosting misfit holidays for friends and acquaintances. This area of the country is ‘home’ to transplants and transients — most of us are hundreds of miles away from our families and the friends we grew up with. I like the idea of forming our own (temporary) ‘families’ out of want for connection and community rather than obligation. But after a trip to the doctor on the day before Christmas Eve, I returned home with a diagnosis (a ‘touch’ of pneumonia and a wicked case of laryngitis), a small collection of antibiotics … [read more]

Dec 242013
night before christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, he stands by my bed, The ways I might use him all fly through my head. His body is mine and he jumps at my touch, And I can’t help but maul him, I want him so much. His clothes are all flung to the floor without care. Goddamn, I just love it when his ass is bare. Me in my leather and him in the nude, He has no choice and I’m in the mood. Pushed to the mattress, he’s naked and prone, At the very first strike, he starts to moan. “Shut the … [read more]

Dec 232013
gingerbread men (in pain) and holiday gingerbondage

I fucking hate BDSM bears and ducks, but for whatever reason, I’m into kinky twists on holiday imagery (or is that holiday twists on kinky imagery?). Thanksgiving bondage turkeys and gingerbread men-in-distress are creative and clever (bears with ball gags and leather-rubber-ducks are not). Anyway, in my daily browsing of design blogs, I ran across these adorable images of gingerbread torture. The rolling pin gingerbondage image seemed particularly kinky — poor gingerboy is stretched across a cooling rack, bound with kitchen twine to the heavy wooden rolling pins that probably already worked him over good… The images were designed by … [read more]

Dec 212013
on jealousy

The other day, I posted a photo “inspired” by one of my past posts. This was J’s response: I just saw that random ‘sweet boys’ on the internet are sending you pics that suggest your writing has inspired them to slash their wrists. If I knew that’s what made you smile, I would have started doing selfies with nooses around my neck, or being lowered into shark tanks, or running across the highway at rush hour… I couldn’t tell if he was joking around or annoyed, so I asked. He was both — “Yes. I was just joking around. But … [read more]