Nov 252013
J answers your questions about leaving, forced-baldness, and D/s compatibility…

Q: How do you feel about leaving? ~ anonymous
I’m gutted about leaving. To call the time I’ve have had with D ‘special’ would be as cliche as it is unworthy of the actual experience; but I almost felt trapped into tapping out such a hackneyed phrase. Why, you ask? Because when attempting to describe the time we’ve had together and the relationship that’s developed, I begin to use superlatives and absolutes, which of course, do more to undermine serious sentiment than the weariest of cliches.
Here is a list comprised primarily of adjectives and verbs: scorched, whimpering, fuck, begging, abuse, sweetness, compassion, want, need, please, kill, me, just, after, you, come.
Oops, did I just say that out loud?
So… um, yeah…I’m deeply conflicted about moving away. However, both of us are as heavily invested in our careers as we are passionate about pursuing them. D’s career necessitates she stay in Florida while mine requires a move to California. Professionally speaking, the situation sucks. Personally speaking, the situation really, fucking sucks…
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Q: First are you bald? I am picturing you bald because you pulled your hair out arguing semantics with D *giggles*
Okay now for my serious question. Were you afraid when you first started being in a D/s relationship with D that she would discover suddenly she didn’t like D/s and wasn’t compatible in that area? ~ Mysticlez
Nope, I have a full head of hair. Well, I ‘had’ a full head of hair earlier this week. A few days ago, D decided to shave off the majority of my body hair before waxing the pink parts. For the record, I took the waxing ‘like a man’ for the most part. Explaining the ‘Mr Clean’ look at work was interesting. Also, your question regarding semantics is funnier than you know; well, it’s funny to one of us.
But onto your serious question of my fearing she would dislike D/s after trying it — the answer is yes. For a period of time, I was not sure if some part of D was ‘humoring me.’ That seems silly now, but at the time, I was genuinely concerned she was simply ‘going through the motions’ until she’d had enough.
Of course, when I brought it up, she would often do something perverse and cruel, then grind her wetness against me, and ask if I still had any questions.
Another concern I had was something else that has happened to me in the past: the dreaded ‘I think I might be a switch’ conversation. But I can now tell you with confidence it will be below freezing in Miami on the day D says she’s thinking she wants to be someone’s submissive.
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He’s kidding about the waxing.
He did not take it like a man.
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thumbnail image: “Mr. Clean Magic Eraser” © 2007 by theimpulsivebuy, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

  5 Responses to “sub say: leaving, forced-baldness, and D/s compatibility”

  1. Oh dear, this question/comment is as shallow as J’s responses are not …

    Is that really J’s torso? If so, wow …

    • Is that really J’s torso? If so, wow …

      No. :) I can’t use photos of J — he’s too inked. We’re both concerned that someone he knows might be able to recognize him from his rather distinct (and plentiful) tattoos.
      ken chest
      …which makes me wonder, how many people have seen his bare chest? I mean, come on. Actually, I’m not going to think about it…

      Anyway, a while back, someone asked me about doing a rope tutorial, and so I took a few photos of J in a cool chest harness w/ cock handle & collar pulley (that’s just a working name for the configuration… heh).

      I tried to photoshop out a few of the tattoos, but quickly realized it was way out of my ability. J ended up looking like a dirty, bound, plastic ken doll. :)

  2. hahahah…he did not take it like a man…but men yell like crazy when they get waxed. (or is that just tv stereotyping at work there? and hell…how do stereotypes begin if not for that commonality in the *first* place.??)

    Bald as in everywhere bald including the head? You waxed his head. You did not. Did you?


    I’m NOT a switch, a sub in fact, but geeze if that isn’t hot. (for me…it’s a bald man thing. But older, sorry J. I’m way more Captain Picard than The Bald Bachelor)

    nilla, grinning

    • You waxed his head. You did not. Did you?

      No. :) I didn’t wax his head, or anything else for that matter. He’s not a very hairy man as it is, and he keeps his man-bits neat and trimmed on his own. I don’t like dealing with my own hair issues, so I certainly don’t want to deal with anyone elses. :)

      I think J was just trying to think of a response to the suggestion that I drive him nuts with semantic discussions that was a little less straightforward than “yes! she drives me insane!”

      I’m NOT a switch, a sub in fact, but geeze if that isn’t hot. (for me…it’s a bald man thing. But older, sorry J. I’m way more Captain Picard than The Bald Bachelor)

      I’ve been attracted to men with hair, and men without. It’s all about how they carry themselves. With that said, I’m a big fan of the “if-you’re-going-bald-own-it and shave-it-all-off” school. :)

  3. Tease(s)! I was hoping that y’all were serious about the waxing. Dammit. I have been promised a thorough waxing from my dominant and was crossing my fingers that D would write a tutorial. Like the ‘pill your pet’ but with wax. There’s still time, right? Are you taking suggestions from the audience? No? OK, I’ll shut up now.

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