Nov 302013
how do you deal with a bratty sub?

Q: How do you deal with a bratty sub? I don’t. I don’t enjoy bratty behavior from spoiled children, obnoxious teenagers, entitled cats, or immature adults, and I certainly don’t enjoy ‘bratty’ behavior from a partner. The idea of a partner acting like brat as some sort of role-play game is immensely distasteful to me. The whole *giggles*  *grins*  *tee hee*  *wiggles bum*  thing isn’t cute. That’s just me, though. Plenty of people enjoy it, but I don’t. I really, really don’t…. it makes me want to punch you in the face and tell you to grow the fuck up. If being ‘bratty’ isn‘t … [read more]

Nov 282013
traditional Thanksgiving

The first year, there was turkey bondage. The second year was non-traditional with 50 Shades of Chicken and turkey suspension (and my mother confusing tryptophan and rohypnol). This year we’re going back to basics with a little stuffing. Photo © 2003 by Jed Smith, Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) And maybe a little more turkey bondage and some e-stim. Bondage Turkey courtesy of “Rocky’s Useless Website Thingy”  Happy Thanksgiving. :) traditional Thanksgiving was last modified: November 28th, 2013 by Dumb Domme

Nov 252013
sub say: leaving, forced-baldness, and D/s compatibility

J answers your questions about leaving, forced-baldness, and D/s compatibility… Q: How do you feel about leaving? ~ anonymous I’m gutted about leaving. To call the time I’ve have had with D ‘special’ would be as cliche as it is unworthy of the actual experience; but I almost felt trapped into tapping out such a hackneyed phrase. Why, you ask? Because when attempting to describe the time we’ve had together and the relationship that’s developed, I begin to use superlatives and absolutes, which of course, do more to undermine serious sentiment than the weariest of cliches. Here is a list … [read more]

Nov 232013
"I don't want another dominant"

I don’t want another dominant after you. He said it in writing, when he wasn’t in reach, wasn’t naked, and wasn’t under my thumb. I don’t recall the conversation, but in it, he suggested that after we split and after some time had passed, he might seek out kinky women, maybe a submissive, but not another dominant. He said no other dominant could compare. I smiled at his sweetness, my heart lurching with sadness and leaping with joy (I’m beginning to suspect the feeling is the same regardless of the impetus or emotion that evokes it.) But still, I never … [read more]

Nov 222013
e[lust] #53: shoe-jaculation & golden showers

Photo courtesy of Secretly Sensuous Welcome to e[lust] – The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at e[lust]. Want to be included in e[lust] #53? Start with the newly updated rules, come back December 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates! ~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~ He came in my shoes Secret Pleasures and a Lifeline Vulnerability as courage ~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~ Golden Showers … [read more]