Oct 012013
nude submissive male

Based on “Depiction of Nudity,” © 2009 by Lukasz Dunikowski.
Used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.
[CC BY 2.0]

My leisurely inspection is equal parts aesthetic admiration and conspicuous consumption.

The subject, a study in potential physical and chemical reactions, is aware he’s being watched.

On my approach, he lifts his chin, offering his throat for my inspection. I begin at the angles of his jaw, down to the tender spot below his ear, across the gentle swells of fine muscle in his neck. I traverse perfectly cast collarbones and come to the hollow of his throat. With his face in hand, I observe his respiration quicken.

Extended examination of his quality, taste, and texture reveals a rapidly declining density as he becomes more malleable in my hands.

Immediately following inspection, his component parts will be rearranged, reshaped, and repurposed for my pleasure.


  3 Responses to “object study”

  1. Facile.


    (i feel threatened :-)

    • Thank you, Uxorious. :)

      Why do you feel threatened? (I’m squinting suspiciously, but you can’t see me)

      • I’ve seen this assertion before (that I can’t see you). *YOU* don’t feel threaten, do you ? :-)

        i feel threaten because you’re so good and, to me anyway, prolific. How does this threaten me, you ask ? ( :D ) Cause i’m merely “Full of high sentence, but a bit obtuse;
        At times, indeed, almost ridiculous—” and quite unproductive, prodigal even.

        …plus your graphic (you can’t see me either) ;-)

        …plus objectification, yeah, that

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