Oct 152013

I’m naked without red polish.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve worn my nails long and polished (almost always blood red). The first compliment J ever paid me was about my perfectly painted fingers and toes. Since he’s not a particularly visual person, nor often specific about such things, the compliment stuck with me.

When we first started dating and dabbling in BDSM and D/s, my long red fingernails became a surprisingly important part of our play. Long nails are good for leaving scratches and raising welts, for sinking into tender flesh, for pinching and twisting, and for stroking ever-so-lightly to take all of that pain away. Nails are surprisingly useful for manipulating a person’s mouth — for tugging on lips, scratching the insides of cheeks, and a personal favorite, for seizing a tongue, pulling it out as far as it will go, and for clamping it down and holding it until I’m ready to release it.

Long nails are conveniently functional, but I also enjoy the aesthetic contribution they provide. I adore the look of my glossy red nails against his skin, the way they disappear between his puffy pink lips when I fuck his mouth with my hand, the neat little rows of red half-moons they leave when I release his flesh. Besides all of that, long red nails are just so deliciously dramatic and so stereotypically “Domme.”

While I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a kink or a fetish (for me), in a way, I guess I’ve come to fetishize my own fingernails. They aren’t sexual per se, but I certainly associate them with sex.

Even if sex and play weren’t factors, there are other reasons I keep my nails long. I hate the way short nails look on me, and more importantly, I hate they way they feel. Clipping them short makes my fingertips almost painfully sensitive and makes my hands feel awkward and clumsy.


jerking off a freaklishly large carrot with a freakishly tiny hand
(the farm co-op turns me on)

For that reason, for a long time, I wore gloves when I fucked J. I took all the precautions necessary not to damage him, and thankfully, I never hurt him in a way I didn’t intend. But as I experimented on the boy and learned more about prostate play, milking, and hands-free “involuntary” orgasms, I realized the gloves might be an impediment.

So… I clipped them short, filed them smooth, and fucked him barehanded for the first time. It was intense for both of us, not just for the intimacy of skin-to-skin contact, but for the additional sensitivity bare hands and short nails enabled. I was more adept at reading his body and far more effective at manipulating him to get the responses I wanted.

Since that first time, seeing my nails filed short has become a sort of trigger for J. It doesn’t make him any more submissive, but it definitely makes him more slutty (which can encourage his submissiveness in an indirect way). When he sees my nails short and unpolished, he knows I intend to fuck him, and that knowledge renders him a whimpering, desperate mess.

My short nails have even made their way into a few of his fantasies (he’s required to write out particularly hot or interesting ones). One recent fantasy involved J listening to me clip my nails while he was bound and hooded. Another was about worshipping my pussy while I lounged on the bed filing down my nails.

I love that it turns him on and I love fucking him… but I hate having short nails. I hate it so much that sometimes I wonder if it’s worth dealing with the two (or more) weeks of ugly, clumsy hands and painfully sensitive fingertips for just an hour or two of boyfucking. If I had the opportunity to fuck him more often, it might feel like a more equitable tradeoff.

Of course, I still cut them down when I know I’m going to see him. It’s just that each time I clip and file my nails down to nubs, I find myself just a tiny bit more annoyed with the ritual than I was the time before…


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  1. I also love love long polished nails. My first blog was a nail polish blog and my collection would put most nail salons to shame. It’s definitely not a perfect solution, but I pretty routinely keep my pointer and middle fingernail on my right hand a few millimeters shorter than all the rest. It drove me nuts at first but it’s been great for fingering, texting, etc. and if I keep my other nails long but not toooo long, it’s not even really noticeable unless somebody looks close.

    • Every few years, I’d get really obsessive about nail polishes, buy bunches and bunches, then I’d decide I hated them all and I’d give them away or throw them out. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

      (Excuse me for sounding like a commercial here, but…) I’m now a Gelish devotee. It’s one of those gel-polishes that you have to cure, but manicures and pedicures last until I take them off (seriously, they grow out if you leave them, and the finish is always glossy). The “pro” led light will set you back a bit ($250) and the polishes are $10-$15, but I think it’s worth it.

      but I pretty routinely keep my pointer and middle fingernail on my right hand a few millimeters shorter than all the rest

      I considered that, but I’m just as likely to use my left hand as my right (ambidextrous). If I committed to just one hand, with my luck, I’d forget which was the fucking hand and accidentally do some damage. :) I’m accident prone as it is…

  2. My ex didn’t really do anything special with her nails normally, but I sure paid attention the couple of times she told me she had trimmed her nails specifically for my visit.

  3. I used to have extremely long nails. Longer even than in your first picture. I always just dealt with it due to sheer laziness. They grow extremely fast and I didn’t feel like keeping up with them. Now I have to. I have to keep them trimmed down to nothing. But I can say that if you keep any nail trimmed all the time, the sensitivity and clumsiness will get better. Mine disappeared entirely after several months. That’s good since I really have to keep them short now! If I ever quit this job (or am laid off) then I’ll be letting them grow again. :)

    • Good to know that the sensitivity fades away with time. I wonder how long it would take me to get used to having ugly hands! Some people can pull off short nails, but my hands are so freakishly small that when my nails are short, they look like a child’s hands… ugh.

  4. LOL.. I could have almost written that post verbatium. I’ve loved the fact that my nails just grow naturally strong and kept them long and polished for the longest time. But sadly, even gloves wouldn’t offer enough protection for him when we played. These days, the clipping and polishing of the nails has become part of the ritual when we transition from a kid filled house to kid free house.

  5. Wow that picture with red nails is so freaking hot! As one of the guys with a very strong nail fetish, this post made me very happy. What about black as a nail color for you? It’s also “stereotypically domme” but I think it’s such a turn-on on women!

  6. I have always been one to adore longer (but not too long) red glossy nails. I think they just make a woman’s fingers look so long and feminine and I LOVE the way they feel on me! Since I’m a guy I really can’t wear mine that way but I truly appreciate the work and time it takes to keep them long and polished and I admire a woman who keeps her nails maintained for her own enjoyment and even the admiration of others.
    My wife used to keep her nails the way I like them but when kids came along, that all changed. Now she works full time and so the long nails are pretty much gone for good (sigh).
    What’s a guy with a strong liking for beautiful nails to do? It drives me crazy sometimes…

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