Oct 262013

ask J anything!

With the exception of one email and a few lines I’ve reproduced from our correspondence, J has had no voice here. That is as it should be — while most of what’s here involves our relationship, all of what’s here is in my voice, and from my perspective. It will stay that way… for the most part.

Some time ago, I asked J if he would take reader questions and he seemed amenable. I wasn’t holding a flogger or his cock at the time, so the coercion factor was as low as it can be in a D/s arrangement. :)

If you’ve ever had a question for J, now is your chance to ask.

Any J anything.

You can ask a question in the comments, or if you prefer to be anonymous, you can use the widget below.
I’ll collect the questions and he will respond (to one or more) in an upcoming post.

ask J anything!
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  1. Hello J!

    I’d love to hear about how it felt to have that dawning realisation when you were reading this blog and started going, “Hoooldd onnnn…”, and then when how you confirmed in your own head that it was DD writing about you, and what that was like, and whether you thought “I should say something…” etc and how you felt when she said ‘I know…”.

    All that!


  2. I think often about your tattoos and wonder if you will get one commemorating the time with DD.

  3. Good Morning J, (Well, it’s morning NOW, anyway)

    What is it that motivates your desire to be submissive, and what has been the most important thing that you will take from your relationship with DD?

  4. So… Umm… Is DD as hot as I’ve always pictured in my head? She’s ridiculously good looking right? That’s all I got ;)

  5. What was the process like introducing DD to kink (my understanding is that you were or had been very involved in the BDSM community before meeting her)? Was there fear that she might think it was all disgusting and just walk away?

  6. Dear J,

    First are you bald? I am picturing you bald because you pulled your hair out arguing semantics with D *giggles*

    Okay now for my serious question. Were you afraid when you first started being in a D/s relationship with D that she would discover suddenly she didn’t like D/s and wasn’t compatible in that area?


  7. Are you comfortable with the way male submission fits with conventional notions of ‘masculinity’?

    Do you attempt consciously to subvert such notions?

  8. J,

    Knowing that your relationship with DD will end when you move to the west coast, and that it isn’t at some nebulous point indefinitely far down the road, are you doing anything differently to embrace what you have while you have it, and to make the most of it? It seems like DD is being conscious of not denying herself the pleasures that your limited remaining time together affords the two of you.

    Congratulations on whatever professional development it is that is taking you far away from her, and condolences that it is taking you so far away from her.

  9. Hi J,

    have you ever been subdued physically by DD when she was using her martial arts and pressure point skills? If yes, what were your feelings, is this a special kind of submission?

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