Sep 172013

You’ve got questions? I’ve got answers. Ok, maybe not answers… but I do have responses. That counts, right?

Q: After noticing your food chain comment on twitter I got curious: Are you above J in the food chain? Or below him? Because he eats you. But I figure you’re usually the predator, not the prey.
Oh dear. This is what happens when they cut sex education programs in schools.
Anyway, I was actually thinking about my professional life when I mentioned the ‘food chain.’
Q: My question is for both D and J (if that is ok). Recently my sub has requested that I become “more demanding and selfish” with my power. What exactly does he mean by this?
My hunch is that he wants you to be more demanding and selfish. As for the specifics, I have no idea. Send me his email address and I’ll ask him.
Better yet, why don’t you ask him what he meant demand an explanation. (See what I did there? You’ll get an explanations AND you get to be all demanding Dommy McDomme Boots about it. I’m a fucking genius! You’re welcome.)
As for asking J a question… you’ll get your chance to do that very soon. ;)
Q: Domme and pansexual
The contact form is not a search box.
Q: pansexual Domme
Nope. Still not a search box.
Q: pansexual
Are you fucking kidding me? Oh for fuck’s sake… here.

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  1. Pansexual

  2. Oh god. The search box!! Hilarious!

    Reminds me of this, which makes me laugh every damn time.

    Ooh… the Q&A with J will be fun. I did that with my (ex)boy a few times. I learnt things! Scary.


    • Yes, the damn search box… this is the second time this has happened, actually. :)

      Ooh… the Q&A with J will be fun.

      I hope so! He’s never expressed any interest in writing here (not that I want him to), but I thought he would be more excited about the idea of a Q&A. Perhaps he’s nervous? :)

  3. Love. Love. Love … and laughter.

    Now I have to go and google “pansexual”.

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