Sep 132013
naked-font-alphabetFucking Fonts #3:
Naked Silhouette Alphabet
by Anastasia Mastrakouli

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Undergraduate visual art student Anastasia Mastrakouli created the Naked Silhouette Alphabet by pressing her own nude body up against a steamy, wet pane of glass. To create the letter shapes, she pressed particular parts of her body against the glass to draw focus, and moved other parts of her body away from the glass to de-emphasize them.

According to Mastrakouli,

“In this series the goal is to highlight the dialectical relationship between anatomy and visual arts. Each image displays the way in which the body turns into one illustrative and choreographic communication channel of a message. The body is cut off from its physical nature and is perceived as an imprint. The body shape becomes a letter through a deliberately abstract and other-worldly aesthetic.”

Mastrakouli, Anastasia. “Naked Silhouette Alphabet.” Behance.



“Naked Silhouette Alphabet,” by Anastasia Mastrakouli


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  1. I tried doing those, while looking in the mirror, an somehow, when I do them, it doesn’t look the same… Also, I think I pulled something doing the letter “U”

    • Also, I think I pulled something doing the letter “U”

      You really have to be careful when you’re doing the ‘U’ — it’s dangerous! Also, congrats for winning ‘best comment for this post.’ I actually LOLed, which is something I don’t generally do. :)

  2. But where is the Q?

    • But where is the Q?

      I refuse to acknowledge the autonomy of any letter that’s almost entirely dependent on another letter for it’s day-to-day function.

      ‘Q’ is far too codependent on ‘U,’ don’t you think?

      (Actually, I just forgot to include it.) :D

  3. I think this is the best yet of all the fonts….but who’s HARPER?

  4. Bit of a fail really, isn’t it. I also was going to ask who Harper is. Emperor’s New Clothes Syndrome. Proven by the pretentious twaddle in the quotation. :-)

    • Perhaps the whole D/P thing is a little less-than-perfect, but I don’t think that makes the project ‘a bit of fail.’

      Also, don’t see how this is like the Emperor’s New Clothes, (aside from the fact that she’s naked, of course) nor did I interpret her explanation as pretensious.

      Perhaps I give artists too much credit or are too awed by what people far more talented than I can create. :)

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