Sep 292013
jerk off and think of you

  Sept 24, 2013 10:07pm I’m exhausted, but I’m home. I finished everything I had to do before tomorrow. Now I’m going to go upstairs, jerk off, and think of you. :) Sept 24, 2013 10:44pm I hope I was go for you when you jerked off :) Sept 24, 2013 10:56pm I crawled into bed and thought about the last time we were together. I thought about your beautiful arms and how safe and loved I feel when I’m in them. Then I thought about your chest, resting my head there and listening to your heartbeat. And then I … [read more]

Sep 262013
the beginning of the end

I read an article on Flavorwire a few months back titled “Authors on the Importance of Writing the Final Chapter First.” Edgar Allen Poe, Margaret Mitchell, and John Irving all knew how their novels would end before they sat down to write the first chapter. While I didn’t disclose it here on the blog until this past summer, I’ve always known how my relationship with J would end (assuming we didn’t fizzle out or break up first). I’ve known since the beginning, since before we even started. J needs to be on the west coast — it’s part of who he … [read more]

Sep 232013
reader questions: forced femme, silly pseudonyms, and rope resources

You’ve got Qs? I’ve got As… Would you ever “force-feminize” your boy just to explore what his feelings are like when he wears women’s lingerie? Even if he didn’t have a cross-dresser fetish? (I take it that Sissy boys don’t excite you all that much.) No. For a couple of reasons, I won’t ever force-feminize J. First, forced feminization just isn’t something I’m interested in. I’m not curious about exploring whatever feelings he might have as a result of dressing like a woman, whether that be in women’s clothing or lingerie. For the record, I’m also not interesting in exploring … [read more]

Sep 202013
without restraint

The rope leaves lovely braided impressions around his wrists, his thighs, his ankles — temporary, but deeper than they appear. Even after it’s removed, he retains his position. He is held, unbound — mine without restraint and without reservation.

Sep 172013
reader questions: sex ed, demanding dommes ...(and for fuck's sake, it's not a search box!)

You’ve got questions? I’ve got answers. Ok, maybe not answers… but I do have responses. That counts, right? Q: After noticing your food chain comment on twitter I got curious: Are you above J in the food chain? Or below him? Because he eats you. But I figure you’re usually the predator, not the prey. Oh dear. This is what happens when they cut sex education programs in schools. Anyway, I was actually thinking about my professional life when I mentioned the ‘food chain.’ Q: My question is for both D and J (if that is ok). Recently my sub … [read more]