Aug 092013
I’ve come to enjoy releasing him almost as much as I enjoy restraining him.

It’s the ritual of moving backwards, loosening the bonds in stages, untying him as methodically as he was tied.

I’m fascinated by the lovely braided impressions left by rope coiled around his wrists, his thighs, his ankles. They are my marks — temporary, but deeper than they appear.

Even after the rope is removed, he retains his position for a little while. He is held, unbound — mine without without restraint and without reservation.

The marks will fade and he will spring into his own shape soon enough. But in those lovely twilight moments, he is motionless, bound invisibly — he is marked and he is mine.


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  1. wow…how intensely beautiful your word pictures are. (and okay…a tad *jealous* about that whole bondage bit…that would be receiving, not giving!)



  2. Awwwww! That is so beautiful! As much as I like to watch the struggle and fight against bondage, I think I would equally love to see my submissive like that as well.

  3. It sounds like a wonderful experience… For both of you.

  4. It’s a suspended reality that moment of not quite release. The body is free but the mins hasnt processed. It is nice to see the other side express that moment in similar terms too. Humbly katherine tigger_sub

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