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  1. What happens if you’re using the swing and someone bumps the on switch for the ceiling fan?

  2. I’m not sure how I reached this point, but this made me imagine a show, on DIY or HGTV or something like that, during which Bob Vila is renovating a home dungeon. Bob Vila installing a sex swing. You’re welcome for that mental imagery.

  3. HAHA! Awesome.

  4. Hahahaha.. very cute! I would vote for the sex swing, but I’m biased cause I LOVE mine!!

    Though the hooks pictured are no where near enough to support the weight and tension! ;)

    But the hanging terrariums would be neat unless it’s hanging in the middle of a room!

    • Though the hooks pictured are no where near enough to support the weight and tension! ;)

      Not so! The people I bought the house from had a sex swing up (not when I came to see the house, of course). I couldn’t figure out why they were in such a weird place in what was a nearly empty room… I contacted my realtor… and long story short, I bought the house from a very kinky couple who was using it for a sex room.

      How cool is that? :)

      • That’s really cool. In fairness to Ms Maggie, they do look kind of dinky in the picture. Maybe they’re anchored in really well.

        • Eyebolts are like the clitoris. What you see on the outside might not be so impressive… but what’s on the inside is HUGE and connected to everything else.

          Okay, that’s a terrible analogy… but still!

          If J falls down, I’ll let you know. :)

  5. Who says it has to be anyone thing, be daring and make it interchangeable.

    • Wait, installing a sex swing in my house isn’t daring enough? Hmph.

      • LOL,oh of course it is, but it doesn’t just have to be the sex swing.

        • Ha! Whatever I put in there is staying… I’m not getting up on a ladder to swap out the sex swing out for a hanging plant! :D

          • LOL… Ours goes up and down. Though we have kids in the house so I’m not to keen on trying to explain why they can’t sit or swing on the sex swing! ;)

            And very cool on knowing it’s been used that way before! They looked like the hooks you buy for hanging plants, which is why I made the comment. Last thing you want is them ripping out of the ceiling. Trust me!

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