Jun 212013

LifeHacker recommends the ‘best Google Reader alternatives.’ So far, it looks like Feedly is the most popular — it’s what I’m using now (it seems closest to Google Reader and I’m a creature of habit… I don’t like new things!). Importing my feeds from Google Reader into Feedly was quick and painless — it only took one click!

Do You Subscribe?

As you’ve probably already heard, Google is retiring their Google Reader service on July 1, 2013.

If you haven’t already, now is a good time to subscribe to your favorite blogs through another service.

According to my stats, it looks like many of you already have — so far, the most popular subscription service among my readership is Feedly, followed closely by The Old Reader and Blog Lovin’. All three have quick and easy “import” functions that allow you to transfer your existing feeds from Google Reader into their service.

If you’re already registered for a new reader application, you can use the buttons below to subscribe to DumbDomme.com. If you’d like new blog posts delivered to your email, you can use the email button below.

Again, if you’re subscribed to DumbDomme.com through Google Reader, then you should subscribe through another service before the end of June… otherwise, how will you get the latest news on my asshole, new entries in the BDSM lexicon, and updates on my kinky sex life?

Subscription Notes & Changes:

If you’re already subscribed to DumbDomme.com, you may have noticed I changed the feed settings a few weeks ago. New posts now appear in your reader (or in your email) as excerpts — you have to click on a link to go to the website in order to read the full text. I realize for many of you, this defeats the purpose of a subscribing through a reader service. I get that, and I apologize for the inconvenience.

After subscribing to a bunch of the new reader services (to test them out) and importing my reader feeds, I realized that most of the reader services fuck around with my formatting — they ignore my CSS and HTML, move my images around, and sometimes, they omit the images altogether.

Fucked up formatting pisses me off makes me sad. I’m very anal retentive conscientious about my formatting and I waste spend a lot of time and energy on graphic design, creating images from scratch or making derivative works from existing images. For that reason, I want readers to see my posts (the text, the images, and the overall design) the way I intended.

Just think of it as an extension of my dominant personality — I want full control over my blog and I want full control over the way it’s consumed. For that reason, you now get only a teaser excerpt in the RSS feeds and email subscriptions, and you  have to click through to the website for the full text.

Dumb Domme Personal Note
To the ignorant anonymous twat-stick who messaged me to complain about the feed change and accused me of being a “money grubbing whore”: No, it’s not about getting more website hits to make money. DumbDomme.com is 100% independent — I have no advertising, no sponsorships, no affiliate links, and no relationships with commercial websites, sex toy companies, or for-profit entities. I’ve never accepted payment, toys, or gifts, in exchange for reviews, links, or banners. I’m self-hosted and I pay for my domain and server space out of my own pocket. So no, it’s not about money… I’ve never made money from Dumb Domme and I have no plans to do so.*


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*And if I did, what’s so wrong with that? Do you know how many bloggers write for your enjoyment but get little or no compensation for their work? Do you really begrudge them a couple of bucks or the occasional dildo for the hours of work they put in? Fuck you, ignorant anonymous twat-stick… fuck you.


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  1. I try not to be a hater, but I do love when you put ignorant twat-sticks in their place. :-)

  2. Now see I learned something here today, in my travels I have run into f*ck-tards but I have yet to run into a twat-stick, unless I confused one for the other.

    I didn’t realize Google is retiring their reader….they are retiring iGoogle in Nov. of which I am not to happy about….ahh well…the world has moved one.

    • Ah, yes. I’ve had run-ins with fucktards and fuck-sticks. It’s rare to come across a twat-stick in the wild (they keep themselves well-hidden with anonymity), but when you encounter one, there’s no mistaking it.

      I didn’t realize Google is retiring their reader….they are retiring iGoogle in Nov.

      Hmmm… I don’t think I know what iGoogle is… which is probably a good thing… since it’s being discontinued too. (and the world spins madly on…)

  3. Thank you so much for this post! I had no idea. Really good to know.

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